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    Your dream family w/ a twist!

    Describe your dream family to us! Who you are, what you look like, what you like to do... whatever you want!

    The twist is... you have more than three kids, at least one of which is adopted.
    Have fun!
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    Re: Your dream family w/ a twist!

    I'm Katie Ann Grace. I have red hair and blue eyes and I'm an interior designer who works from home. My husband is Nathan Parker Grace. He has dark brown hair and green eyes and he's a senator for the state of Utah. Our children are:

    Archer Nathan Grace

    Anna Patricia Grace

    Cannon Parker Grace

    Easton Paul Grace

    Alexis Dee Grace 'Lexie'

    Powell James Grace

    Adeline France Grace 'Addie'

    Emmeline Victoria Grace 'Emmy'

    Callie Ann Grace

    Jenna Cloe Grace

    Nora Kate Grace

    Matteo Benecio Grace (adopted) 'Matt'
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    Re: Your dream family w/ a twist!

    My name is Clara Belle Hazel Archer. I have dark brown hair, green eyes and freckles. I am an editor and live in Toronto, working for HarperCollins. My husband is Scott Jeremy Archer. He has light brown hair and grey-green eyes and works as a radiologist. We have 6 children:

    Alexander David Scott The oldest, he has my hair and blue-grey eyes. He is bookish and tall. His nn is Xander and he is very close to his brother Teddy

    Beatrix Hermione Alianne Three years younger than Xander, she has white-blond hair and green eyes. She is also bookish and tall, but also very artistic. She goes by Trixie and is very close to Abbey. She also loves animals.

    Theodore Jonas Elijah Three years younger than Trixie. He has dark blond hair and blue eyes. He is shorter than Xander, but more athletic. He goes by Teddy and is very close to Xander,

    Abigail Mary Claire Three years younger than Teddy, she has dark red hair, green eyes and freckles. She is shorter and loves math and is much less language-inclined than her siblings. She goes by Abbey and is closest to Trixie.

    We adopted two girls domestically with the help of my friend Mia Edwards, who is an adoption counsellor. She linked us up with a pair of twin girls.

    Millicent Jean Leandra Has black hair, blue eyes and very pale skin. She is really short and loves music. She plays many instruments and adores our music. She is called Millie and is two years younger than Abbey. She is closest to Edie but is accepted by all the children. She is identical to Edie.

    Edith Joan Estelle - Has black hair, blue eyes and very pale skin. She is really short and identical to Millie. She loves reading, writing and animals. She has a rabbit, a cat and a dog all to herself and has also written many stories and loves entertaining the other children. She goes by Edie and is two years younger than Abbey. She is closest to Millie but is accepted by all the children.


    (All of our pets were from shelters)

    2 female Norwegian Elkhounds, each bred twice Aurora and Luciana
    1 male Norwegian Elkhound, son of Luciana - Maximus
    1 male miniature horse Rhapsody
    3 female Netherlands Rabbits Penelope, Juniper, Magdalena
    2 female Maine Coon cats Clio and Luna

    So we have Xander, Trixie, Teddy, Abbey, Millie and Edie
    And our pets are Rosie, Lucy, Max, Rhapsody, Penny, June, Lena, Clio and Luna
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    Re: Your dream family w/ a twist!

    Mother: Jillian Elizabeth Sorrentino

    Father: Nicholas Antonio Sorrentino

    Number of children: 10

    1. Girl-Ruby Athena Sorrentino

    2. Girl-Evangeline Mercy Sorrentino

    3. Girl-Catalina Willow Sorrentino

    4. Girl-Odessa Blaire Sorrentino

    5. Girl-Phoebe Charlotte Sorrentino

    6. Girl-Celia Juliette Sorrentino (twin)

    7. Girl-Clementine Beatrix Sorrentino (twin)

    8. Girl-Felicity Rose Sorrentino

    9. Girl-Aisling Lilith Sorrentino (adopted)

    10. Girl-Liviana Eve Sorrentino (adopted)

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    Re: Your dream family w/ a twist!

    I'm Bethany Rae Rivers. I'm a journalist with brown hair and brown eyes.
    My husband is Harley Brent Rivers and he is a politician. He has blond hair and blue eyes.
    Together, we have these children-

    Dominic Samuel Rivers
    September 12th
    Blue eyes, brown hair

    Graham Jordan Rivers
    August 8th
    Blue eyes, dirty blond hair

    Alexandrea Grace Rivers
    February 17th
    Brown eyes, blond hair

    Leroy James Rivers
    May 6th
    Blue eyes, dirty blond hair

    Matilda Rosemary Rivers
    November 2nd
    Brown hair, brown eyes

    Vivienne Isabella Rivers
    July 11th
    Blond hair, brown eyes

    Kensington Marie Rivers
    June 23rd
    Brown hair, blue eyes

    Payton Levi Rivers (adopted)
    December 26th
    Dirty blond hair, green eyes

    Henry Fitzgerald Rivers
    June 6th
    Blond hair, brown eyes

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