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    Please please help us pick a name for our girl!!

    Our baby girl is due on the 16th of the month, and we are yet to zero in on a name. We have a couple of names that might pair well with her sister's name Gabriella. The following four names are our favorites. Please pick your favorite and let us know. Thank you so much !

    Joanna Rose

    Evangeline Rose

    Isabelle Rose

    Danielle Rose

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    Definitely Joanna Rose or Evangeline Rose. I don't like the "elle" in Isabelle and Danielle because your older daughter is Gabriella. They're too similar, imo. Between Joanna Rose and Evangeline Rose its hard for me to pick a favorite because I really like them both. Gabriella and Joanna rolls of the tongue a bit better than Gabriella and Evangeline, but I think I actually prefer Evangeline. It's so pretty.
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    I would go for Joanna. Would be nice to have a non-Elle name (Seeing her sister already has one). Evangeline is the only name on your list I dislike. 4
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    Gabriella and Evangeline seem like really nice pairs. I think Evangeline matches your daughter's name a fair amount, while the other 3 name choices seem to match too much.

    I also like @ella17's suggestion of Valentina.

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    I think my vote would go for Evangeline Rose. I personally prefer Isabelle--it's my favorite girls' name ever, and Isabelle Rose is sweet, albeit a bit generic. But I find Gabriella and Isabelle to be quite "ell" heavy, and I don't think I could go for it. However, Gabriella and Evangeline have the same lush femininity and strength, and a plethora of lovely nicknames each. My favorites for Evangeline would be Eva, Evie, and Annie, but there's also Angie, Ellie, Lina/Lena, Eline/Elina, Vange, Vany, Eve, etc.

    Joanna is pretty and I do like it a lot, but I prefer the more timeless and less known Johanna (which I think pairs really well with Gabriella, actually!), and Danielle feels quite dated to me (and still very "ell" heavy with Gabriella). If you don't care about the repeated "ell"s, then Isabelle for sure gets my vote, but Evangeline is an easy second.

    Good luck!
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