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    Undecided- first baby due in 7 days

    Our first baby is due in 7 days and we just can't decide! We could really use some unbiased opinions! Our favorite names include:

    Eastyn Abbey
    Abigail Dawn
    Abbey Isabelle
    Reese Abbey
    Ireland Abbey

    As you can tell Abbey is repeated a lot we really want to include it somehow in the name. Any other suggestions?
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    Since you really love Abbey/Abigail, I think you should use that as a first and come up with a middle.

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    I agree use Abigail for sure (this gives her more options as an adult) perhaps Abigail Olivia
    Children are all perfectly and wonderfully made.

    dreaming of the arrival of a special babe Spring of 2014 and anticipating adopting internationally

    Names we love

    Elisabetta Jessamy True
    Juliana ________(insert culturally appropriate name) Heart
    Valencia ______ Snow? this combo is very new what do you think?

    Peter Barnabas Daniel

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    I think Abigail Reece or Abigail Olivia flow best. I don't really get the extra 'e' in Abby--it makes the name sound like a religious retreat or castle. If I heard or saw Eastyn Abbey, I'd be asking about the location.

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    I really like Abigail Dawn. I think it's beautiful....

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