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    Eliza June is awesome. I also like Lila June.
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    Love Lorelei June! Eliza June is nice too.

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    Evangeline - classic, and plenty of nickname options! including Eva. feels like a 'grown up' name your daughter can grow into, gives her options as an adult
    Lorelei - love this name, works with June
    Eliza - nice, lovely but with Noah i dont like the double ending -a sound
    Lila - kinda nicknamey
    Eden - seems very trendy, a 'trying too hard to be exotic' name

    Evangeline June Riley
    Lorelei June Riley
    Evangeline Noel Riley
    Lorelei Noel Riley

    dont think Helene, Carol, or Annelise work as middle names here - Helene/Carol = 'blunt'/'choppy' sounding & Annelise = too long, repetitive sounds
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    Eliza June is absolutely perfect.
    I think Lorelei June is also gorgeous, but Lorelei Riley is SUCH a tongue twister!
    Good luck tomorrow
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    thanks hospital now... no final decision

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