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    Almost stunned to see so many of my original suggestions making it to Mr. Otter's like list. Go me! <wink>.
    I guess the problem with looking for a replacement for Gwyneria is that she's so perfectly a little snow queen anything that sound a little less cutesy but has a similar Gw- opening looses the perfection of the meaning. I thought about Isolde Guinevere but that was just too much "leading damsel". Maybe Isolde Gwenhwyfar Noor would work better? Or if you want to go a bit more modern and don't mind the made up spelling (shocker coming from me I know but...) Isolde Ginnifer Noor almost made my suggestion list the first time around. I love Ginnifer Goodwin (who changed the traditional Jennifer to Ginnifer as her stage name) but I actually like the prn Gin-nifer - I think it's darling and fresh.

    But you already have one monster list you are going to have to narrow down. Good Luck with that! hihihihihi. They are all pretty great and it's going to be a hard one.
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    My favorites of these for imagery, rhythm and sound:

    Isolde Hermione Snow

    Isolde Persephone Winter

    Isolde Lothiriel Brigid (I changed the two middles around)

    Other suggested combos:

    Isolde Lothiriel Astrid ( I definitely think Isolde Lothitiel Aurora works, too!)

    Isolde Hermione Aurora

    Isolde Seren Aurora

    Isolde Seren Heleyne

    Have we ditched Tinuviel? To me it definitely has an wintry sparkling quality to it....maybe Isolde Aurora Tinuviel or Isolde Seren Tinuviel?
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    Oh, I am glad he liked so many! My favorites are
    Isolde Astrid Heleyne
    Isolde Elbereth Winter
    Isolde Persephone Winter/Snow

    Isolde Clemence Sunneva
    Isolde Natasha Zephyrine/Heleyne

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    You have wonderful possibilities, you can't go wrong with either one. Isolde Hermione Snow, Isolde Gwyneira Noor and Isolde Natasha Zephyrine are my favorite three. Maybe Isolde Natalia Zephyrine or Isolde Natasha Icicle?
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