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    I really like Isolde Hespera Tinuviel! and I gotta say Cleopatra Phoebe Eimyrja seems like a more Ottilie-ish combo than Cleopatra Phoebe Atalanta did for some reason, I'm not entirely sure why though. . .

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    Isolde Hespera Tinuviel is breathtaking perfection!

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    Isolde Winter Icicle? Sorry, can't help it, it's all a little 50 Shades of Fae and name-gamey. In saying that, I like Isolde, and love Olwen and Lucia. A combination of those three would be lovely. Hespera is actually quite nice too. Unusual, but not wildly so.

    The thread is a bit long, and overly synesthetic and ornate for me to cope with, so I hope this isn't a redundant suggestion; I only read the first and last pages.
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