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    Nov 2012
    Copenhagen, Denmark
    Lumi Pandora Evadne
    Lumi Persephone Isola
    Lumi Seraphine Indigo

    Wren Alba Lumi
    Wren Artemis Satu
    Wren Indigo Lumi
    Wren Satu Eirlys
    Wren Satu Pandora
    Wren Seraphine Lumi

    Wren Artemis Senja
    Wren Eija Persephone
    Wren Maija/Maiju Evadne
    Wren Noomi Eirlys
    Wren Päivi Eirlys
    Wren Persephone Veera
    Wren Seraphine Venla
    Wren Tuula Persephone
    Zelia • XXI • History student • Film and royalty enthusiast
    I run vesperlynds and everythingroyalty, and export names from Greenland and Inuit mythology
    Henry Ásgeirr Lórien • Alexander Adelin Pemba "Sasha" • Atticus Aksel Ivik • Oscar Llŷr Igaluk
    Cosima Ingrid Zenobia "Mimi" • Asta Ivalo (EE-vah-lu) Galadriel • Aviaaja Catherine Françoise "Avi" • Evelyn Alvaret Cleopatra "Elví"

    GPs: Nor Valdemar Oisín • Bertil Cosimo Edmund • Olga Agnes Lúthien • Alva Madicken Héloïse

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