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    So after taking a break from it for a few days we went over our list and eliminated the ones that just didn't feel right, which was extremely hard because I love all of them.

    We got rid of Colette, Seraphine, Florence, Aurora, Lorraine, Sylvie, Jessamine, Juniper, and Isabelle.

    Trying to get the list down to maybe a top four or five, but it is proving to be very challenging.
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    Callum (2000), Alexander (2002), Penelope (2004), Easton (2007), Magnolia (2010), Scarlett (2013)

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    Penelope and Phoebe are a little close for comfort, in that they match SO well that it leaves Magnolia out. And Penelope and Felicity don't pass the "yell test" for me—because they share a syllable count and ending sound, I end up saying Penelity and Felicope or not quite hearing the difference if it's just out of range. It might not be an issue at all for you, though.

    Here are my favorites:
    1. Rosalind
    2. Josephine
    3. Beatrice
    4. Delphine
    5. Genevieve, though do a "yell test" on this one too

    Colette was a close 6th and a favorite of mine, but she doesn't have the length of P and M or the elegance of Delphine to carry it off.
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    Ah I never noticed that about Penelope and Phoebe, I think we are going to get rid of it. Felicity doesn't bother me as much because of the different spelling. We eliminated Colette because even though its gorgeous we felt Penelope and Magnolia outshone it.
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    Callum (2000), Alexander (2002), Penelope (2004), Easton (2007), Magnolia (2010), Scarlett (2013)

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    We have a set list of eleven that we are having a hard time cutting down. So now it's time for middle names, hopefully this will help us eliminate the ones we have any doubts on.
    Callum (2000), Alexander (2002), Penelope (2004), Easton (2007), Magnolia (2010), Scarlett (2013)

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