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  • Blaize

    7 14.00%
  • Laser

    1 2.00%
  • Lucas / Lukas

    35 70.00%
  • Mason

    18 36.00%
  • Phoenix

    10 20.00%
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Thread: Final 5

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    Final 5

    Wohoo! At last a final 5!
    Which ones are your favs?

    Please vote on the name itself, not the spelling. I know Blayze won't be well liked here, but let's just pretend it's Blaze or Blaise.

    Do you get different associations depending on how Lucas/Lukas is spelled?

    Edit: Argggh. The poll should be saying Blayze, not Blaize.
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    I couldn't decide between Mason & Lucas/Lukas so I vote both :-P

    I think they make great siblings with big sis named Parker. For me Lucas/Lukas are the same so any spelling you decide there is not a big problem.

    The others :

    Phoenix : lovely name but I don't like it with Parker.
    Laser : if you dont mind similar endings, I think its a a refreshing, great choice.
    Blayze : I like it but I prefer other choices.

    Good luck :-)
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    Mason is extremely popular so I would avoid that name. Lucas is also reasonably popular. Laser sounds too made up to me.

    I like both Blaize and Phoenix.
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    I like Lucas a lot- it's popular, but classic-popular, not trendy-popular like Mason (which is fine too, just nms). I like Phoenix too- quirky but not ridiculous.

    Blaise is nice. Blaze is a fire. Blaize is a cross between the two. Blayze is silly. Between Blayze and Laser, I feel like I'm Ben Stiller in the movie Dodgeball. "Meet my team, the Purple Cobras...Blaze, Laser, and Blazer!" If I met someone named Laser, I would assume they were joking at first.
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    I voted for both Mason and Lucas. I'm not a fan of Phoenix, Blayze or Laser.

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