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    I had been on the lookout for a dresser to put a change pad on top of before he arrived, but struggled to find one that was the right height for comfortable changing, and the right depth, to fit the change pad.

    In the end we bought a 2nd hand change table for #2, he's now 5 weeks old. So far I've only used it a handful of times, we've only just had the first day of spring here in NZ and its still pretty cold where we live, so I usually change him in the warmest room (usually the lounge as thats where we spend most of our day), rather than take him into 'his' room (which he isn't using yet since he's still in his bassinet in our bedroom). When he moves into his room and the weather warms up I'll be using it more -- if only to get my money's worth!

    If I could have found the right dresser, I definitely would've gone that route.
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    We have a changing table because it was a hand-me-down from my sister, but I wish we had a dresser instead. I bought some nice big baskets to go on the shelves, so we can use it like a dresser, except since they're open on the top Miss Baby can reach into them and pull things out. There are always (clean!) diapers and onesies strewn around her room. If we had actual drawers, I could put baby-proof latches on them.
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    I just used a piece of furniture that I already had, but the set-up of our city apartment was pretty unusual so maybe my advice isn't the best.

    Now that I'm in a larger house it might make more sense if I wanted to go for the full-on nursery look, but I don't think it's really for me. I actually used an antique dining room server which was the perfect height & spacious. I like a more eclectic home decor style. Most of the affordable changing tables aren't really nice quality furniture, so I would rather not waste my money on that.

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    I also want to suggest that if you have a home with 2 floors, you should figure out a downstairs set-up too. EIther a pad on the diningroom server or one to stash someplace & put on the table when you need to or a blanket & supplies for under the couch. I just do a small blanket & supplies in a baby bag in the living room.

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    If you can find a dresser at the right height go with that especially if you're short on space. But if you have plenty of space then see if you can find a good deal on a used changing table. Since it's not used for too long you may be able to get one for a good price and will give you more flexibility with the height of your dresser. My nursery is very tiny barely big enough to fit the crib, rocker and dresser with a changing pad. I like having a dedicated changing place though especially since now that my daughter's crib has been dropped to the lowest level it would be impossible to change her in the crib.
    We also keep changing supplies elsewhere in the house so we can change her during the day without going up to her bedroom.
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