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    I really like it. The Renata I know is sweet and soft-spoken but smart. It's beautiful and makes me think of opera, as Mischa said. Ren, Rennie, Nata, Nati, Rea, Rena...

    Anyway, it's very pretty.
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    Renata isn't too harsh, just not very common. I had a classmate named Renata, so I associate it with a quieter personality, but it seems like a pretty versatile name.

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    I adore Renata - she's strong with a continental European elegance and charm. She's unexpected in such a wonderful way, but she also has unassuming nick names that blend in so easily with more common names. The Renata I know often goes by Rena (although I personally prefer the full name!).
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    Renata isn't harsh at all. I would imagine that it's in the 700's because it's a name used by the Latino population. It's a great name and I prefer it to Renee.
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    I think it's beautiful. I once knew a gorgeous and sweet, little, half-Egyptian girl called Renata.

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