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Thread: Just Curious

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    Considering a large proportion of Berries are naming hypothetical children, I think buying a few things for him/her before they are a reality is allowed too :P

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    I bought a few things, books mostly, for future children (I don't think I started til after I was married). I'm a sucker for adorable boys clothes, so I've bought a few boyish sweaters and things and put them away hoping we'll have a little man someday.
    I will randomly purge all sorts of stuff to donate to charity, so I've given away most of my childhood books and toys, though I have my baby cradle and my parents have a few tings stashed away. My husband still has tons of stuff from when he was little, but I think he gave a bunch of it away to his nephews.

    No big deal to pick up the odd thing here or there, but don't go nuts and become the creepy chick who hoards baby stuff.
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