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    Persephone- Divine in sound and familiar yet different, love!
    Athena- Very femeninem, I have liked this for a while now.
    Aphrodite- Great namesake and the -e ending makes it classy and girly. Ageless.
    Jesminder- Never heard this before but I instantly love it! Maybe double 's' though.
    Theodora- Prefer Isadora but this is still cute.
    Artemis- Again prefer Artemisia but this is easy to say and unique at the same time.
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    I cannot stand Persephone! To me it doesn't flow and I hate the spelling is looks like it should be pronounced"purse phone". Addfwyn looks like a jumble of letters to me. I think Leonora and Athena are both very pretty.
    Just a 15 year old name lover.

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    My thoughts on the names...
    Persephone - my favourite mythological name. She's elegant, demure, and has a gorgeous stance. I also love the Sephy nickname.
    Ingrid - with her slightly Nordic sound, intriguing look, and sweet sound she's a great choice.
    Isolde - another great choice, Isolde has a beautiful sound and feels very cool. She's majestic and has an almost mythical sound, lovely.
    Athena - another lovely name, Athena has a very stylish look without being trendy. Athena is very pretty and has an intriguing sound.
    Peony - she's a cute name and has a sweet sound. But there is something that I'm unsure about.
    Venus - as a middle name yes this is okay but as a first name I dislike it. Defiantly teasing potential.
    Aphrodite - in away I like this name she has strong connotations, is very mythical and majestic. But on the other hand I'm not keen on it.
    Leonora - I adore this choice, she's elegant and pretty. Leonora has an almost cool wild sound. She's pretty and fiery.
    Lisbeth - I think this name is a great variant of Elizabeth she has a pretty sound and feels really cool. I like the European sound of this name.
    Forsythia - not keen
    Calliope - Gorgeous, elegant, demure, and sweet. I also love the nickname Callie as well.
    Jesminder - Ugh awful name.
    Calliatrix - awful
    Wenhaver - I really dislike this choice feels unattractive and strange.
    Pridwyn - I love Welsh names and with the 'wyn' ending it's masculine thus making me find this name strange.
    Aithne - It's okay...
    Branwen - This is okay unsure on the sound of this name prefer Bronwen
    Zelenka - Hmm unsure on this name would prefer other z choices like Zelda or Zoe
    Tosia - Feels more like a nickname.
    Thora - I love the sound of this name, she's majestic and elegant. Thora is a lovely choice.
    Theodora - another lovely name, she's demure, elegant, and has a lovely stance. Theodora is a great name and I also love the Thea nickname.
    Halia - Would prefer just Halle compared to Halia which feels strange
    Iolana - I like this name she feels exotic and has attractive sound. I also like the nickname Io
    Anrid - Unsure
    Artemis - I adore this name she's elegant, has a mythological stance and looks great.
    Addfwyn - Ugh strange.
    Una - I prefer Unity
    Millicent - In some ways I think she's nice other ways not so much...

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    Persephone- spunky, feminine and historical all in one
    Ingrid- very glamorous and Scandinavian- I picture a beautiful model with blonde hair and blue eyes
    Isolde- sweet, magical and ethereal, makes me think of winter and snow
    Athena- strong, feminine name with great references to the goddess
    Aphrodite- beautiful, flowery and slightly whimsical
    Calliatrix- unique and interesting, but best left as a middle
    Zelenka- fresh and exotic, sounds Eastern European

    Venus- unusual and strong, I think of the tennis player Venus Williams
    Leonora- elegant but underused classic
    Calliope- cute and spunky, modern sound but lots of history
    Jesminder- this makes me think of the plant jasmine so it seems very fresh and springlike, but could be hard to wear
    Wenhaver- sounds very surnamey. I like it but probably best left for the middle
    Branwen- nice, but a bit heavy and clunky
    Tosia- seems really nicknamey but cute. it sounds Jewish to me for some reason
    Theodora- pretty, sweet, dainty, classic
    Iolana- fresh and sleek, I love Eastern European names!
    Artemis- lovely and the goddess is a great namesake, but the name itself sounds a bit masculine

    Dislike, sorry:
    Peony- too cutesy for a real person
    Forsythia- find this grating for some reason
    Lisbeth- sweet but seems nicknamey- Elisabeth or Elisabetta nn Lisbeth?
    Pridwyn- the first syllable seems too similar to the word "prig"
    Aithne- I prefer Eithne
    Thora- reminds me of the word "thyroid"
    Halia- not quite sure how to pronounce it
    Anrid- I love Astrid though
    Addfwyn- pronunciation would be an issue
    Una- too cutesy for me
    Millicent- still a bit old-lady
    ~Love names, literature, royals and horses~ <3

    Favourite names:
    Girls: Azalea, Cordelia, Elizabeth, Rosalind, Scarlett, Portia, Felicity, Juliet
    Boys: Fitzwilliam, Sebastian, Percival, Prospero, Orlando, Darcy

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