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    Well congrats on joining the boards: (I bolded my favorites)

    Persephone - I like Persephone but with Penelope' drastic rise in popularity -> I sometimes wonder if Persephone is lumped in as a Penelope alternative.
    Ingrid - I have an aunt named Ingrid so this has always been a "mom" name to me - it also feels a bit stern in my mind - but it does have a pleasant sound.
    Isolde - I love Isolde if pronounced ee-ZAWL-da if you pronouce it more like ee-sold then I don't like it at all.
    Peony - Peony looks too much like Pony and sounds too much like Peon. (I do adore the flowers it's just the word.)
    Venus, Athena, Aphrodite, Artimes - I do like me a Greek/Roman goddess - these names are all very bold and evocative of very specific imagery - which I like. But I should say that I really only have minor characters on my list (like Iris and Echo).
    Leonora - love. I prefer Eleonora because it give it this stuffy, regal, manor feel but the overly dramatic a ending gives it this quirky, fun feel of "I don't take myself or anything to seriously - and that's why I'm awesome".
    Lisbeth - I like it as a nn for Elisabeth. It just looks cut off to me.
    Forsythia - theoretically cool. But, when I say it out loud I keep thinking about bad and evil magicians and sorceresses in dark and looming caves.
    Calliope, Halia, - these are the type of "lesser" greek character I was talking about above. they are all fun and all around great.
    Jesminder - eh. I really don't love Jas-/Jes- names (except for Jasper). I honestly just never understood the appeal. (but I do have a hard time with most J names - those that I like I love but most I could just leave).
    Calliatrix - This is the first time I came across this name, so naturally I tried looking it up, but I couldn't find anything. This just confirmed my feeling that its clunky and awkward and just nms.
    Wenhaver - I really like Wenhaver - I'd be concerned with the average persons ability to pronounce it correctly but almost anything Arthurian legend related is pretty much cool in my book.
    Pridwyn - see above.
    Aithne - I like this little fire-cracker. I think she'd be a great mn - I don't love her enough as a fn.
    Branwen - I have similar issues with the letter B as I do with the letter J (see above). This one is just nms.
    Zelenka - I think of the composer and would probably save this as a quirky and cool mn for a boy instead of a name for a girl.
    Tosia - I love Anton and Antonia and I think that Tosia is an awesome nn for the latter.
    Thora - Love this as a nn for Theodora.
    Theodora - I love Theodora. I think Thea, Thora, or Teddy are awesome nn that just add to the flare of this name.
    Iolana - i like the meaning but I prefer Iolathe.
    Anrid - nms.
    Addfwyn - Cool name. Will look like a letter jumble to most non-welsh and non-name nerds. And will most likely be a beast for them to pronounce too.
    Una - I have a really good friend by this name so the "little lamb" is definitely positively influenced by her. I think springy and light. Very bubbly and talk-a-tive and adventurous. Smart, studious and caring. I think it would be an awesome and meaningful short connecting mn if you wanted two longer names as fn and 2mn.
    Millicent - Old fashioned and a bit stuffy. Thought that's also what I like about it. I don't think I'd name a child this.
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    3.Isolde - may run into different pronunciations
    5.Peony - too much teasing potential ahead!
    6.Venus - too much of a name to live up to
    7.Aphrodite - see Venus
    9.Lisbeth - A little too cutesy and still strongly associated with the Dragon Tattoo
    10.Forsythia - better as a quirky middle name
    12.Jesminder - sounds like a bad smoosh
    13.Calliatrix - see Jesminder
    14.Wenhaver - When I can have her?
    15.Pridwyn - not attractive
    16.Aithne - no one but serious name nerds will know how to pronounce it
    18.Zelenka - I prefer just Lenka
    19.Tosia - looks like it's missing some letters
    23.Iolana - I'm not a fan of "Io" names
    24.Anrid - see Pridwyn
    26.Addfwyn - see Pridwyn
    27.Una - a number in some languages. Oona is my preference.
    All the best,

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    I love many of your list !!

    My favourites :


    Can someone please tell me the pr of Wenhaver !!
    I find it very interesting but I have no idea how to pronounce it.
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    These are the ones I find appealing as actual names.
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