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    Cair Paravel :)

    Would I be off my rocker to use this?


    It's been growing on me a while know (in full disclosure, I admit that I've probably made one to many caesar salads at work!), but Caesar's really been appealing to me as a name lately. Is it craziness? I feel like it doesn't fit well on my list at all, but there's just something so cool about it, I think. Plus, it helps that my brother went to school with a really cool Romanian kid named Caesar (and also a Latino kid named Cesar!). It suited him so well. I definitely prefer Caesar to Cesar, but I'm just curious what others think.

    Out of curiosity, what would you pair with Caesar? As siblings? I wouldn't want to go full-on royalty (Earl, Duke, Caesar, King, Prince, etc.!). It strikes me as quite Eastern European? Does anyone else know any Caesars?
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    Every Caesar/Cesar I know is Italian or Latino, so it seems really weird in a family of non-Italian, non-Spanish names like the ones on your list. I want to pair it with names like Massimo and Giada or Matteo and Esperanza, not Caleb and Isabelle. Although I could easily see Caesar and Isabella as siblings.
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    I love it in Italian--Cesare (Chezaray).

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    It doesn't feel so out there because of the new acceptance of bolder names. It feels similar to other manly names like Hugo, Magnus, Odin, Evander, Rigel, Drake, and etc
    From your sig, I think Caesar pairs well with Everett and Boaz

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    I like Caesar but I have never met one and, honestly, it remindes me slightly of C-section...But it's not horrid.
    Caesar is cool and for brothers I like Alexander, Victor, Constantine...So state Greek and Latin names.

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