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    Just baby names? Or is this open to really anyone I've made up in my dreams?

    I've dreamed I've had babies named:

    Josephine Ruth (ugh such a nightmarish dream! Maybe why I always seem to go off of Josephine and Ruth. )
    Elizabeth Caroline Rachel (although I had so much name regret that I decided to change it to Rachel Elizabeth Caroline!)
    Elena and Kaia "Laney and Kai" (okay, their biological names were/are Delaney and Kylee, but I adopted them, and I felt the names didn't suit my style at all, so I changed them to Elena and Kaia...)

    Ironically, I dream much more about the guys I'll marry, haha. To date, I've dreamt these names up:


    @erin91 - I find it ironic that you dislike old names, because Audrey, Juliette, Grace, Charlotte, Rose, etc. are all quite old-fashioned! I find it interesting that so many people find popular old-fashioned names to not even be old fashioned any more. Josephine feels more modern than Audrey even, to me.
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    I've dreamed a lot of names at different times.

    In the last year I dreamed I had twins called Claire and Heath, I still like that combo.

    Years and years ago I dreamed I had 7(!) children, the youngest a daughter named Ruth, after my dead grandmother.

    Last night I dreamed about a daughter named Tamasin/Thomasin (I was reading it and it sort of shifted in the dream). Kind of cool?

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    I've had a few dreams, in one of them I have a gorgeous daughter called Niamh.

    Other names that have appeared in dreams normally relate to random dream friends ranging from a guy's called Spencer and Rudy, as well as girls called Faye, Grace and Azura. Not all my style of names but that is probably why I remember them more than others

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    Odd as it may be, my dreams usually recur with the same people/names. And sometimes the story line picks ups the next day or two. A week being the longest of it not continuing--either I lose interest or completely forget about it. Sometimes different 'roles.' So, for about a week now, I thought it would be interesting to include them in my signature, just to see what names pop up. Strange enough, I have never met anyone with these names.

    Recent dream 'characters'. I am bored, so I will give whatever details I can remember. I am weird, I know.

    Gabriel (Gabe by family and friends. Gable, by me and Caspian.): Main love interest in majority of the dreams I can remember, but I can never see his face.

    Matteo (Teo): Gabriel's twin brother.

    Nikolai (Niko/Cubby): Gabriel's and Matteo's baby brother. Once, he was Gabriel's son.

    Emilia (Em/Emma): Sister to Gabriel, Matteo, & Nikolai.

    Sarah: Cousin to above siblings and my very good friend. She introduced me to them.

    Giovanni (Gio): My best friend.

    Noé/Noe'/(Noah): If I remember correctly, I have seen it as Noé, but pronounced like Noah. Giovanni's nephew. I am his temporary guardian since his uncle travels for work.

    Caspian: My son. Unsure if I had him or adopted him yet. I just know he is five-years-old. ^_^

    Jasper (J.R. by his mother): Caspian's best friend. Left in my care, but have been contemplating permanent arrangements.

    Nova & Marie: No too sure. One of them may be Jasper's mother.

    Bridget: A lady friend of Gabriel's. Unsure of their relationship...

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    I don't normally remember dreams but I recently dreamed of a girl named Jadene with siblings named Aiden, Scott and Tyler. I'd never met a Jadene before.
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