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    I would change my name to either Francesca or Rebecca.

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    I would never change my name. My name is Melissa Corinne and I think its perfect. My first name was very popular in its time and my middle name was less popular. I love it.

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    I would pick the name my mom originally wanted for me - Marit. Why she changed her mind and when with Toni I will never understand. I'd keep my mn Grace since it was my great-grandmother's name (even though it's a filler name nowadays).
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    I like to imagine myself with other names, it's fun to imagine. I am a Katherine nn Kate or Katie but I've had people say I look like a Hannah, Elizabeth, and Jessica. Of those I'd pick Elizabeth hands down. But I've had more people learn my name (guests at work for example) and say, "Yeah you look like a Kate!" (funny it's been men that say that sort of thing, not women, though I'd imagine more women would be into the name thing). I like Kate. She's preppy but in an understated way, doesn't force the style onto anyone else. For example, I did like Waverly and Wimberley for a bit but those to me are preppy in a trendy way. Kate is versatile, comfortable, and kinda...well, What you see is what you get. She can be cutesied/girl next door with Katie, or studious and composed with Katherine.

    My middle name I might change, though it's also my mom's middle and I kinda like that. (then again again first is a respelling of her mom's first name so...) But Anne is a little boring in the middle. Katherine Anne is pretty and I like the 3-1 syllable count, but sometimes especially in the South I'd like to try out a double name and Katie Anne or Kate Anne doesn't sound that nice to me. Also, my first two initials when said aloud don't flow that nicely. Kay-aye.
    As far as what middle I would pick instead? Probably something a little more out there. Naturey, less gendered maybe (Reid is lovely... Naturey 'reed' plus could be masculine)... Something unexpected.

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    I'm Ebony Anne and I wouldn't change it I've happily been an Ebony for years but I used to want to be Zoe-Yasmine.
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