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    @skyesime98 : Thank you . I think Edward and Maximilian will stay in my GP list lol . I LOVE your suggestion about Thisbe . I have actaully forget about that !! Thanks for mentioned

    EDIT : I realised that some names on my list are terrible !! So if you have any suggestions about names in style as mythological / romantic / literature are more than welcome
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    Rosa Nightingale Thomasin Orchid Edith Remember Zuleika Evening Belladonna Selene Orphéa Requiem Lilith Anastasia Nocturne Ophelia Séraphine Wildrose Juniper Echo Persephone Forest Suzanne Psyche Belphoebe Sonnet
    Orpheus Elgar Thorin Prometheus Gideon Achilles Amadeus Vale Lucien Florence Casimir Leo Dante Alexander Wolf Brahm Vesper Viktor Peregrin Algernon Poe Alexander Corvus Dorian Casper Damian Sparrow

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    Love Artemis, Wisteria, Ophelia, and Persephone (with nn Persy or Effie)!

    Not a fan of any of the rest.

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    Anastasia " Ana "— I think this is a very beautiful classic.
    Amity " Ami "— Glad this is out because "Ami" just looks like a youneek spelling of Amy.
    ArtemisWay, WAY too masculine sounding.
    Aphrodite — Sexualized. Not appropriate.
    Edward { big GP for the girl } " Dare or Teddy " — Glad this is out. That's quite the GP!
    Eva / Ever { I cant decide } — Yeah Eva is fine, but ever, never.
    Maximilian { see Edward } " Mila or Max " — Glad this is out. Jessica Simpson already staked a version of this seriously over-the-top boys' name and it was not received well.
    Nightingale { middle name } — I could maybe sign off on this as a middle. Very eccentric and ethereal.
    Soleil { ditto above } — Sure, I could go for this. I could go for it a lot more if the child has some sort of french heritage, and was born in the summer.
    Soul { ditto above } — Over the top.
    Wisteria { ditto above } — This is all 'Desperate Housewives' to me. But it is just a flower, and in the middle spot, I wouldn't be too put off by it.
    Yvaine — Extremely obscure. Big pronunciation issues. Looks like, "Why vain?" at first glance.
    Isabella — Boring. Unless it's a family name with personal signficance, this one is way played out.
    Isolde — Sounds appealing on paper, but in the real world, hardly anyone is going to give the name the romantic pronunciation it deserves. Many will see it as "Is Old."
    Ophelia — Uncommon and charming. I'm not seeing an easy nickname out of it, though, and with four syllables, it's kind of a mouthful on its own.
    Persephone " Persy " — Has a very mythical, magical vibe, yet it's cute. Percy, however, is a male name. But given your taste in GP's, I doubt that bothers you.
    Psyche { middle name } — Really silly. Bad idea.
    Remember " Remy " — Even sillier. Obscure word names are rarely successful.
    Wolfsbane " Wolf " — Glad this is out. If you ever have a boy, Wolfgang is a pretty awesome name. But this one doesn't even sound good.
    Grey — Nah. Pop culture (Anatomy and 50 Shades of), played out, only viable in the middle spot, and even then it's just... trendy.
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    Anastasia " Ana ": Pretty.
    Artemis: Gorgeous.
    Aphrodite: Lovely lovely lovely!
    Eva / Ever { I cant decide }: Prety Eva my a long shot.
    Nightingale { middle name }: Cute! Eva Nightingale is nice.
    Soleil { ditto above }: Nice.
    Soul { ditto above }: Prefer Soleil.
    Wisteria { ditto above }: Lovely.
    Yvaine: Pretty!
    Isabella: A bit too common for my taste, but it's nice.
    Isolde: love this!
    Ophelia: very pretty.
    Persephone " Persy ": I prefert the nickname Sepphie, but it's gorgeous.
    Psyche { middle name }:
    Remember " Remy ": Sorry, but a bit silly.
    Grey: A bit dull for a girl. "Hey my name is Indigo, what's your's?" "I'm Grey." It just doesn't sound right.
    Jude, blackbird.

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    Hmm... I'll try not to be redundant.

    Anastasia " Ana " - pretty, but a bit frilly

    Persephone " Persy " - I kind of love all of them but I think that with the mythologic connections that it takes a special child to wear them well. Oh, and I prefer "Effie" as a nn for Persephone.

    Eva & Isabella - Yep, they're really popular but that's because they're great classics.

    Nightingale { middle name } - I think this is an awesome middle (though, as a nurse, I may be biased); we have Lark, Wren, and Birdie, why not Nightingale?

    Soleil { ditto above } - Me likey.

    Soul { ditto above } - Nope.

    Wisteria { ditto above } - Beautiful.

    Yvaine - So beautiful and romantic.

    Isolde - Pronunciation maybe an issue, but it's really grown on me.

    Ophelia - Beautiful.

    Psyche { middle name } - I like her story but definitely only for the middle.

    Remember " Remy " - Just seems silly or like it would cause confusion.

    Grey - I would keep this in the middle for a girl.

    P.S. I love some of the combos that pp's suggested... Artemis Grey is amazing!

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