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    Anastasia " Ana "- Love
    Amity " Ami "- Love
    Edward { big GP for the girl } " Dare or Teddy " - No.
    Eva / Ever { I cant decide }- I much prefer Eva. I kind of like Ever, but there's something about it that keeps me from really liking it. I think it might just be too common as a word.
    Maximilian { see Edward } " Mila or Max "- I prefer Maxine, Maximilienne, Maxienne, or Maximiliana. Maximilian is a bit much for me on either gender, but it's downright strange on a girl.
    Nightingale, Soleil, Soul, Wisteria - I like them all as middles.
    Yvaine- I just hear "vain."
    Isabella, Isolde- I like them enough, but I prefer Isabeau, Isannah, and Isadora.
    Ophelia, Aphrodite, Persephone " Persy, " Psyche- I think these are too much. Ophelia and Persephone are berry favorites, but I just think they're a lot of name. Artemis is much more wearable, in my opinion.
    Remember " Remy "- I love it as a middle; might be too much as a first.
    Wolfsbane " Wolf "- No. I think it would be horrible to go through life as "Wolfsbane."
    Grey - I like it as a nickname- Gracia, maybe?

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    Anastasia " Ana " - like this
    Amity " Ami " - do not understand the appeal here, I only think of the Amityville Horror movies.
    Artemis - nice
    Aphrodite - nice
    Edward { big GP for the girl } " Dare or Teddy " - that's actually horrendous.
    Eva / Ever { I cant decide } - Eva, Ever isn't a name, if you want Ever, use Everly.
    Maximilian { see Edward } " Mila or Max " see Edward.
    Nightingale { middle name } again, not a name.
    Soleil { ditto above } I like this
    Soul { ditto above } see Nightingale
    Wisteria { ditto above } - cute
    Yvaine - not bad
    Isabella - pretty but too overused
    Isolde - LOVE
    Ophelia - LOVE
    Persephone " Persy " - love this, hate the nickname, Effie is my choice
    Psyche - reminds me of psycho
    Remember " Remy " - see Nightingale and Edward
    Wolfsbane " Wolf " - see Nightingale and Edward
    Grey- only as a nickname for a boy.

    Sorry if I was too brutal!
    haley / twenty / ttc 2017

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    Thank you all !! I really appreciate it

    @lawsonhaley : Dont worry . i dont find it brutal at all . Just honest
    @geeknamezyo : I actually love Twilight and fifthy shades of Grey but i wouldnt use all the names .
    @mischa : I just adore your combos !! Artemis Grey { i agree swoon } , Isolde Anastasia & Eva Nightingale are just perfect !

    If you have any other combos in mind please let me know
    "I felt that I breathed an atmosphere of sorrow"

    Rosa Nightingale Thomasin Orchid Edith Remember Zuleika Evening Belladonna Selene Orphéa Requiem Lilith Anastasia Nocturne Ophelia Séraphine Wildrose Juniper Echo Persephone Forest Suzanne Psyche Belphoebe Sonnet
    Orpheus Elgar Thorin Prometheus Gideon Achilles Amadeus Vale Lucien Florence Casimir Leo Dante Alexander Wolf Brahm Vesper Viktor Peregrin Algernon Poe Alexander Corvus Dorian Casper Damian Sparrow

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    Anastasia " Ana " - a fine name.
    Amity " Ami " - not into it.
    Artemis - a little precocious for me.
    Aphrodite - not my taste.
    Edward { big GP for the girl } " Dare or Teddy " - obviously a bad idea.
    Eva / Ever { I cant decide } - Eva is pretty.
    Maximilian { see Edward } " Mila or Max " Ugh.
    Nightingale { middle name } could be really nice.
    Soleil { ditto above } a nice middle.
    Soul { ditto above } don't like it at all.
    Wisteria { ditto above } - reminds me of hysteria.
    Yvaine - I don't like this at all.
    Isabella - solid, good name.
    Isolde - not my taste.
    Ophelia - very pretty.
    Persephone " Persy " - cute, but not into Persy.
    Psyche - that's not a name.
    Remember " Remy " - again, not a name.
    Wolfsbane " Wolf " - I'd think she was joking if she said this was actually her name.
    Grey- only as a nickname for a boy.

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    Anastasia " Ana "- Like this (especially Anastasia) but worry about the 50 Shades of Grey association.
    Amity " Ami "- Adorable nickname, great first name.
    Artemis- Alright. Something about it sounds hard though.
    Aphrodite- Not a personal favorite, but I can see it on a baby.
    Edward { big GP for the girl } " Dare or Teddy "- No, no, a thousand times no. Leave it a guilty pleasure.
    Eva / Ever { I cant decide }- Prefer Eva. Ever will sound trendy or dated in ten years.
    Maximilian { see Edward } " Mila or Max "- NOPE.
    Nightingale { middle name }- This is alright in the middle spot, but too much as a first.
    Soleil { ditto above }- Like as a middle
    Soul { ditto above }- Dislike. One of those word names that just too much.
    Wisteria { ditto above }- Dislike. Too strong an association with Desperate Housewives.
    Yvaine- Unsure how to pronounce this. Eve-aine? Not a fan.
    Isabella- Very popular. Don't care for it.
    Isolde- Alright, but I prefer Isadora.
    Ophelia- Prefer as a middle, but pretty enough.
    Persephone " Persy "- Like this.
    Psyche- Dislike. All I can think of is elementary school children chanting "Psycho Psyche."
    Remember " Remy "- Remy is cute, but I really don't like Remember.
    Wolfsbane " Wolf "- Dislike.
    Grey- Prefer in the middle, but it's not that bad.

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