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    Brutal honesty opinion on my list { boys } . dont worry i can take it .

    Hello , Berries .

    I have finally make a common list with names and iam in need for opinions .

    List :

    Edward " Dare "
    Noble { middle name }
    Alexander { middle name }
    William " Liam "
    Leonardo " Leo "
    Maximus " Max "

    Dont mind give me tough opinions . I can handle it

    Also if you dont want to comment on each name you can give me my best names for my list .

    Thanks in advance

    EDIT : Agamemnon , Titan & possibly Maximus are out .
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    My favorites off your list:

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    Amadeus - I like this name it has an intriguing European sound and looks very strong. I think Amadeus is a great name!

    Alaric - I like this name has really cool, intriguing literacy sound. I like the whole appeal of this name it almost has a cartoon quality which I find very cute.

    Agamemnon - Weird, would you want to run around with this name if you were a guy?!

    Damon - I dislike this choice reminds me of demon which isn't exactly great.

    Dorian - I like this choice, he has a soft appealing sound and feels very wholesome. Dorian is a cool name.

    Christian - Even though I do think fifty shades concerning the name Christian, he is appealing sounds very soft and has a nice classic edge. However I unfortunately coming from an interfaith family wouldn't be able to use the name Christian.

    Edward - A gorgeous classic name, Edward is incredibly handsome feels so masculine! It's hilarious on the girl forum I saw this suggested as a girl's name can you imagine a girl being called Edward?! So crazy! Anyway back to your list yes I love Edward for a boy never thought I'd have to state that.

    Gideon - Lovely biblical classic, Gideon sounds great has a very handsome sound and feels very strong. I really like it.

    Romeo - The association with the tragic love story (despite being my favourite play) is too strong and also Romeo feels slightly cheesy. Have you thought of Roman?

    Sebastian - Despite everybody I know loving Sebastian I'm not a fan. Sebastian has strong little mermaid association which I find cheesy yes the movie is great but still not keen. Also hate the Bas nickname.

    Tristan - I love Tristan he's a handsome choice and has soft appeal. I also like that Tristan feels really cowboy, like Austin.

    Titan - I like Titan, he feels very English spy and really handsome. Titan is a great choice!

    Noble - To be honest I think Noble is slightly cheesy, I think Noble would work as a middle name for a strong classic like William but otherwise no way.

    Alexander - I love Alexander, he's a handsome choice with a range of brilliant nicknames such as Xander and Alex for example. I also like that Alexander is always used in history and is such a great classic.

    Apollo - I really like Apollo he's handsome has a great appeal and looks fresh. Apollo works! I adore the connotations surrounding Apollo.

    William - My little brother's name, I love it! William has strong historical connotations, feels very regal and looks so handsome. I love the range of nicknames associated with William including Liam which is a great nickname. William is a brilliant name, a good steady classic.

    Leonardo - A fabulous Italian classic! My brother William has the middle name Leonard as well as John in my head Leonardo would make a far better flow in that naming combination. Thus it has made me love Leonardo because the name is brilliant and looks so handsome.

    Orlando - Ah another fantastic name! Orlando sounds so fresh and wholesome. Has fabulous Shakespearean connotations and feels stylish. Orlando is just such a great name.

    Orpheus - Ugh no!

    Maximus - I like Maximus he sounds great and sounds intriguing with an almost Germanic stance.

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    Neat list! I love Dorian, Christian, Edward, Romeo, Apollo, Leo, Orlando and Orpheus.

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    Amadeus- I don't know why but it sounds kinda girly
    Alaric- Depends how you pronounce it. It sounds like more of an old man's name to me.
    Agamemnon- Nope. Nope. Nope. I'm all for the out there names (I love Belphoebe!) but I just can't get behind Agamemnon.
    Damon- The vampire diaries is all I can think of
    Dorian- Love this. Very very handsome but cute at the same time
    Christian- It's alright.
    Edward " Dare "- I love the nickname but I'm not really a fan of the classic Edward.
    Gideon- Love this name. Top of my list.
    Romeo- I can't get behind it because all I can think of is Romeo and Juliet.
    Sebastian- Love the nickname Bast. Sebastian is cute.
    Tristan- It's alright. Not a favorite.
    Titan- No. Could you imagine a book reading, non athletic, freckle faced and wearing glasses boy named Titan??
    Noble { middle name }- I think it works paired with the right name!
    Alexander { middle name }- Cute in the middle.
    William " Liam "- Love Liam and I like William as a strong classic name to back it up
    Leonardo " Leo "- I like Leo but I'm not honestly a fan of Leonardo.
    Orlando- It's a funky cool name that reminds me of Orlando Bloom.
    Orpheus- Sorry not a fan.
    Maximus " Max "- I don't really like Max and I can't get behind Maximus at all. Much better on a dog!

    Hope I haven't been too harsh! Good luck on your list! <3
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