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Thread: Twins - Help!

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    Twins - Help!

    I'm having twin girls this fall. I have no idea what to name them. I like names that are unique, but not too uncommon. I have a close friend named Thalia (Thal-ee-a) and think her name is gorgeous, but I obviously can't use it. I love names that can have the nn Lia or Evie, but I don't think either of these names are substantial enough as a full name. Also, it's a tradition in my family that the oldest girl has the middle name Jane, but how can I give one of my twins the middle name with the family connections and give the other one nothing? So I was thinking of honouring my DH's mother's name Katherine - Katarina maybe for the other twin's middle name? So if you have any name suggestions for me, please post below! I'm really open to all names, and am not set on nn's Lia and Evie. I also love the names Marlowe, Rowan and Drew for girls, but am not sure I'm ready to give my girls 'boys' names. Maybe I just like those names, but not for my own kids. I also love the names Violet, Skye, Summer, and Daisy, but am not sure (once again) whether I want them for my kids, or someone else's. Some other names I like are Tessa/Tess, Stella, Christina, Elodie, Aria, Lydia, Maeve, Emily, and Aliya. Please help me out! I also love names that have (or can have) nicknames! I love Imogen, but it doesn't have any nn so maybe not...

    - Allie
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    Lydia is one of my favourite names and Lia is totally a possible nn. Lydia Jane is ok, not great though. And same with Lydia Katarina. How about Lydia Katherine? Evie: Evelyn, Evangeline, Genevieve?
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