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    Is Jamesie usable?

    Ever since I was little I have wanted my future child to have Jamesie somewhere in her name. It is the name of my nana who passed away in 2001 and has never had a child named after her. Its pronounced like James with an ee sound at the end. Whenever I bring it up people seem to hate it until I say it was my nanas name. Her name was just Jamesie not Jamesina. The combination at the moment is Isobel Jamesie Rose. Is Jamesie usable even in the middle or is it too outlandish?
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    I think in the first place position it would be forever mistaken for Jamie, but in the middle it's fine.

    Honestly I am in Nameberry-law violation but I prefer James on a girl to on a boy. Especially as a middle. Shhhh!

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    I may be crazy, but I think almost anything is okay in the middle.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thatkathryngirl View Post
    I may be crazy, but I think almost anything is okay in the middle.
    I agree with this, especially in the case of family names.

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    Lovely lovely name. First time ive heard it. Im a fan.

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