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  • Hugo

    52 59.77%
  • Caspian "Caspar"

    44 50.57%
  • Arthur

    44 50.57%
  • Cedric

    18 20.69%
  • Balthazar "Zar"

    18 20.69%
  • Tobias "Toby"

    38 43.68%
  • Phinnaeus "Phin"

    20 22.99%
  • Crispin "Pip"

    24 27.59%
  • Lysander

    28 32.18%
  • George

    34 39.08%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Jun 2013
    I like them all so much I could hardly choose! My favorites were Cedric and Lysander. They are all great names, and I love the creative nicknames.
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    It was really hard to narrow it down to just four names! In the end I chose Caspian, Cedric, Balthazar, and Lysander, but I also really like Phinnaeus, Crispin (and Pip is a cute nickname), and Arthur. I really like Caspian on its own, Caspar just seems like a whole other name altogether, especially as it's not that much shorter than Caspian anyway. Great list!

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    I like Balthazar but prefer Baz to Zar. I cut it from my top four because Zar sounds really Czar-ish to me.

    I like Phineas but I think I prefer this spelling. I can't find too much grounding for the Phinnaeus spelling outside of Julia Roberts using it? Willing to be corrected though. It still made it to my top four because I like Phineas (and unrelated Finnian) *that* much.

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    Jun 2013
    I like all of these, but Hugo, Crispin, and George are my favorites. I agree with Baz for a nn for Balthazar; I also don't like the tsar connotation. Caspian and Caspar are both great names, but I just don't see Caspar as a nn for Caspian. It's kind of one or the other for me.
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    I voted for Hugo, Arthur, Lysander and George.

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