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    Could Prose work as a name?

    Do you think that Prose could work as a girl's name? Or would it just too often be misheard as Rose?
    I think it's so elegant and pretty, but would love some opinions. Is it just. too. weird?
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    If Poet goes, so does Prose! She probably would have to correct people her whole life, though.

    "Hi, I'm Prose"
    "Oh, Rose?"
    "No, with a P"

    Could be worth it though for a beautiful and unique name. Maybe you'd consider Primrose? Kind of the same P+Rose sound, but less likely to be misunderstood.

    Might also make a better middle name. That way you can avoid a lot of the correcting during first-name introductions.

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    Although I do love Poet, I can't see Prose working in the first name spot. At least not yet. I do think that it would often get misheard for Rose and I like dctorjones' suggestion of Primrose.
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    Prose sounds nice in context and looks nice on paper, but if I heard someone say "Hi, my name is Prose" I would probably assume they had a brother named "Cons". It has so much potential to be misheard. Nice in theory, though.
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