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Thread: Oh If Only...

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    Oh If Only...

    If I had my way DH and I would have 4 more kids, 2 boys and 2 girls, to add to the two we already have. My ideal sib-set would look like this...

    Benton Grover
    Arwen Elizabeth
    Ronan Conrad
    Fern Olivia
    Hadrian Wolfe
    Imogen Rose

    What would your ideal sib-set be if money and partner weren't factors?
    ~Cathryn Elizabeth~

    Stay at home mommy to Benton Grover and Arwen Elizabeth.
    Will be starting TTC baby #3 in July! At the top of the list for the new wee one are Thompson Bauer and Sylvan Nephele.

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    My dream sibset would inculde from about 9 kids .

    If money and partner wasnt a factor i would name them { right now lol }:

    Edward Antony Herne
    Dorian William Alexander
    Damon Arthur Noble
    Gideon Lancelot Fox
    Christian Robert Hector
    Psyche Yvaine Atalanta
    Anastasia Soleil Belle
    Wolfsbane Nightingale Elena
    Eva Wisteria Moon
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    Well, I'm not even married yet haha, but I think about names all the time anyway. I have two alternate sets of seven I watched Nanny McPhee when I was younger, and even with all those terrible, misbehaving, mischievous kids I thought, "Seven! That's perfect!" Lol, and it hasn't changed since.

    my fav
    Lucy Faustina
    Violet Maria
    William Thomas
    Elise Veronica
    Peter Augustine
    Celia Gianna
    Timothy Ignatius
    (middles are saint names)

    long girls
    Katharine Lucy (Rin)
    Elisabeth Jane (Beth)
    William Thomas
    Margaret Faye (Molly)
    Peter Augustine
    Rosalind Therese (Rosy)
    Timothy Ignatius

    a mishmash
    Anthea Lucy
    Primrose Faye
    Caspian James
    Thalia Violet
    Finnian Jude
    Elowen Jane
    Roland Paul
    Lucy Magdalene ~ Felix Augustine
    Catherine Lark ~ William Ignatius
    Margaret Fiona "Maisy" ~ Calvin Gabriel
    Edith Primrose ~ Thomas Percival
    Jane ??? ~ Owen Benedict
    Eleanor Valentine ~ Timothy Lewis
    Elizabeth Agnes ~ Harrison Peter

    Anthea Valentine ~ Sebastian Luke ~ Elanor Astrid

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    Cair Paravel :)
    It's funny how we have a set number from when we are young, and that never really seems to change. My parents had four kids, and while I loved having the "big" family I have, I always wanted just one more. I thought five would be the perfect number. I still do. I would love to have five kids. I don't know if I could handle five kids, haha, I guess we'll see once I'm actually a parent. But regardless, I want a big family!

    My perfect family would be:

    Isabelle Aurora Grace "Bella"
    Arianne Eleanor Kate "Ari"
    Caleb Elias Joseph "Cal/Caleb"
    Olivia Wren Camille "Liv/Olive"
    Everett Joshua Charles "Ev"

    If I had a sixth, hopefully she would be Violet Ophelia Claire.
    twenty-something namenerd and aspiring novelist

    Isabelle + Arianne + Olivia + Violet + Charlotte + Emmeline + Eleni + Grace + Eva + Catherine
    Caleb + Everett + Jack + Avery + Samuel + Zane + Declan + Caspar + Grant + Rory
    Zoe + Adeline + Felicity + Julia + Aurora + Ella + Kaia + Audrey + Carolina + Leona
    Schuyler + Judah + Rowan + Boaz + Emerson + Thomas + Dashiell + Pax + Ara + Donovan

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    If money, time, and my SO's opinions weren't factors, I'd have six - three boys and three girls. In reality, though, I want three or four, and I'll probably only use family names as middles, because there are a lot of people I want to honor.

    Harlan Fox
    Casper Quentin
    Wyatt Peter
    Tabitha Winter
    Josephine Olive
    Sylvia Nadine

    I'd also really love to have three girls named Rosemary Jean, Juniper Anne and Magnolia Ruth, but I don't imagine myself actually doing that in real life.

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