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Thread: OT: Music

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    OT: Music

    So I need to expand my music library which since February 2012 has fast approached 500 songs but I'm not loving many of them at all. My taste is Australian top 100 pretty much meaning songs in the Australian iTunes top 100. My current favourite is MKTO Classic which is my most played at 100 plays since I got my new laptop. My top played songs include Ariana Grande, Ellie Goulding, Calvin Harris, Elen Levon, The wanted, MKTO (both Thank you and Classic are in my top played sadly they have only released two songs in AUS) and some other songs from the top 100. Heres a link to it here

    I know this isn't about names but of course we don't have an off topic board.

    ☆Isobel★ Eloise ☆Matilda ★Alice ☆Eleanor ★ Amelia☆ Elena★ Mirabel☆ Felicity ★Phoebe ☆Eilidh ★Rosalia ☆Roisin ★Azalea ☆Arabella ★Genevieve☆ Elodie ★Tallulah☆ Ruby★ Rebecca☆
    ☆Eamon ★ Tiago☆Cooper ★Hayes☆Jack★Jago☆Flynn★ Archer ☆Lincoln ★Asher ☆Alfie
    ★Taylor ☆Baxter★Finnian☆Lawson★Lewis ☆Oscar ★Fletcher ☆Caspian ★Brooklyn☆

    Future middle names will honour family

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