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Thread: Maya or Maia?

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    Maya or Maia?

    I've loved the name Maya since my very first name-list in the 4th grade. I love the sound of it, and I love it's simplicity.
    BUT, I've recently discovered the spelling Maia. Still pronounced My-ah but I really like how it looks written out, and I love the connection to mythology (I'm a mythology nerd). But, I'm afraid it might be mispronounced or mistaken as a yewneek spelling of Maya, rather than a mythological and fairly well-used name.

    So: which spelling do you prefer? Would it be mispronounced? Would people think I'm trying to be yewneek?



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    I would pronounce Maia like Kaia, but I'm sure Maya would be the easier pronunciation choice. I dont think Mai looks too unique. If anyone has had a Mai Tai they should be able to figure it out. Both are equally pretty IMO

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    Looks really elegant, has gorgeous Greek mythology associations and generally looks intriguing. Maia is a great choice.

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    Definitely Maia. Like the star in pleiades!
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    i pronounce both the same My-a

    Maya = like the Mayans, NOT MAY-a


    if you pronounce Maia like i do, then everyone will think Maya and spell it as such so you'd be correcting people and having to tell them you spell it different due to liking mythology

    id think most people would think and say Maya as the Mayan people, not as MAY-a
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