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    Name the Babies #2, G3 Results

    1. Hazel and Liam Davey met in med school and became pediatricians. They have six children, two daughters, Ruby and Alice, a son, Harry and triplets, Rose, Margaret and Link. The next round will be about Margaret and Harry.

    DW: Hazel Aveline (40)
    DH: Liam Jacob (40)

    DD: Ruby Annabel (shanade213) (11)
    DS: Harry Benedict (alina marie) (8)
    DD: Alice Caroline (emitheduckling) (7)
    DD/DD/DS: Rosa Danielle, Margaret Estelle & Lincoln Frederick (oboeplayer1) (4)

    2. Penny and Harry Merritt had the typical 'boy/girl next door' story, literally. They have three daughters, Daisy, Posey and Honey and one son, Alfie. The next round will be about Posey and Alfie.

    DW: Penelope Ava (40)
    DH: Harry Owen (40)

    DD: Daisy Grace (minisia) (18)
    DD: Posey Amy (nicodiangelo) (14)
    DD: Honey Phoebe (niusity) (11)
    DS: Alfie Raymond (shanade213) (8)

    3. Alfie and Cas Lemser met in middle school, finished school together and opened a bakery. They have one daughter, Matilda and three sons, Barrett, Auden and Teddy. The next round will be about Matilda and Teddy.

    DH: Alfie Max (41)
    DH: Caspian Thackeray (40)

    DD: Matilda Calais (danni) (16)
    DS: Barrett Roux (shanade213) (13)
    DS: Auden Kit (laceyharkins) (12)
    DS: Theodore Keats (sis) (10)

    4. Maisie and Cam Bean met because as kids, their families used to both vacation in Virginia beach each August. They have one son, Caleb, and three daughters, Lily, Stella and Maeve. The next round will be about Stella and Caleb.

    DW: Maisie Bronte (40)
    DH: Camden Theodore (44)

    DS: Caleb Trenton (alina marie) (16)
    DD: Lily Savannah (oboeplayer1) (15)
    DD: Stella Sydney (lifesaboutmusic) (12)
    DD: Maeve London (lifesaboutmusic) (8)

    5. Lia and Sage Pittman met in high school, married soon after and had kids young. They have triplets, Penny, Jonah and Oliver, twins, Nora and Teddy and two sons, George and Henry. The next round will be about Penny and Jonah.

    DW: Catalina Elizabeth (40)
    DH: Sage Callum (40)

    DD/DS/DS: Penny Evangeline/Jonah Bennett/Oliver Landon (danni) (21)
    DS: George Sage (emitheduckling) (18)
    DD/DS: Eleanor Leah and Theodore Jude (emitheduckling) (16)
    DS: Henry Lewis (laceyharkins) (15)

    6. Olive and Rory Barrick met working as producers on a movie set. They have five children, a daughter, Lucy, two sons, Rohan and Ken and twins, Rose and Jack. The next round will be about Lucy and Ken.

    DW: Olive Penelope (40)
    DH: Rory Albert (40)

    DD: Lucy Hazel (danni) (14)
    DS: Rohan Jasper (alina marie) (12)
    DS: Kenneth Emmett (lifesaboutmusic) (11)
    DD/DS: Rose Elodie & Jack Caspian (oboeplayer1) (9)

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    Fabulous! Can't wait for G4

    Girls: Ivy, Caroline, Bryony, Augusta, Idony, Adeline, Elizabeth, Sage, Delphine

    Boys: Adrian, Halcyon, Everett, Nathaniel, Elliott, Brighton, Theodore, Levi, Camden

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