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    Alden too close to Aiden?

    My paternal grandfather's name was Alden. H loves this name if our next is a boy, but I worry it's too close to Aiden and too trendy with the -en ending. Berry thoughts?
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    No, Alden is not too close to Aiden. It's similar enough to be familiar to people but it's not similar enough to be considered a part of the Aiden trend.
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    Not unless you have a son called Aiden, there shouldn't be a problem!
    I like it! It's familiar but there wont be six other Aldens in his class!
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    I love this name, it's in my family tree as well. They use the nn Audie. I don't think the name makes me think of Aiden at all, Alden is different and old it
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    I think its fine, not too close!
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