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    Sep 2012

    Paternal Family Initial Game

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    Apr 2013
    Seattle area
    Ln: Madison

    dw: Bethany Ariana
    dh: Robert James

    ds1: David Justin (dw: Patricia Anne)
    --ds: Daniel Jeb
    --ds: Declan Mick
    --ds: Michael Sam
    --ds: Marcus Rob
    dd1: Jennifer Paige (dh: Jacob Evan, ln: Dean)
    --ds: James Liam
    --dd: Destiny Elisabeth
    ds2: Robert Jason (dw: Rebecca Elise)
    --ds: Ryder Matthew (dw: Teresa Ava)
    --dd/dd: Katherine Eve & Hannah Emily
    --ds: Jonah Dashiell
    --ds: Kyle John
    --dd: Evelyn Haley Alexandria (dh: Dawson Lucas, ln: Peterson)
    --ds: Oliver Lyman
    --ds: Charles Blake Judah (dw: Fiona Lily)
    --ds: Brandon Carl
    dd2: Annalise Nicole (dh: Alexander Michael, ln: Hale)
    ds3: Tanner Jeremy (dw: Sara Lynne)
    --dd: Julia Lynnette
    --ds: Thomas Jeremy
    dd3: Patricia Skye
    --ds: Andrew James
    ds4: Richard Judah Daniel (dw: Lauren Alexis)
    --dd: Bethany Alicia
    Catalina // 17 // soon-to-be college student // volleyball // math nerd

    Girls: Augusta || Bryony || Caroline || Elizabeth || Helena || Katherine || Margaret || Rosemary
    Boys: Adrian || August || Bennett || Elliott || Ezra || Foster || Joel || Lowe || Porter || Weston

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    Dec 2009
    Ln: Manning

    dw: Bethany Alice
    dh: Ross Jonathan

    ds1: Desmond James (dw: Phoebe Adelaide)
    --ds: Desmond James
    --ds: Dillon Matthew
    --ds: Malachi Stephen
    --ds: Malcolm Robin

    dd1: Junia Piper (dh: John Ellis, ln: Drake)
    --ds: Jolyon Louis
    --dd: Deirdre Ellis

    ds2: Raphael Jude (dw: Rose Eleanor)
    --ds: Raphael Miles (dw: Thea Averil)
    --dd/dd: Kezia Eleanor & Hermione Eve
    --ds: Jerome Davis
    --ds: Kipling Jude
    --dd: Elsa Helena Anne (dh: Dalton Lane, ln: Powell)
    --ds: Oscar Lloyd
    --ds: Callum Barnaby John (dw: Flannery Louise)
    --ds: Byron Christopher

    dd2: Althea Niamh (dh: Alistair Maxwell, ln: Harding)

    ds3: Theo Jensen (dw: Sage Lillian)
    --dd: Jane Liliana
    --ds: Theo Jensen

    dd3: Penelope Snow
    --ds: Auden Jasper

    ds4: Roderick John Daniel (dw: Leonie Alice)
    --dd: Briony Alice

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    Jul 2013
    Ln: Morrison

    dw: Belle Amanda
    dh: Russell James

    ds1: Dorian Jasper (dw: Poppy Anya)
    --ds: Darius Jonah
    --ds: Donald Murray
    --ds: Michael Stuart
    --ds: Marlin Richard

    dd1: Joanne Penelope (dh: Jethro Ethan, ln: Drake)
    --ds: Joshua Logan
    --dd: Darcey Evin

    ds2: Rory Jackson (dw: Renee Elizabeth)
    --ds: Rafael Moray (dw: Taralyn Alice)
    --dd/dd: Kayleigh Elise & Hayleigh Esme
    --ds: Jordan Drake
    --ds: Konnor Jensen
    --dd: Emily Harriet Amber (dh: Darren Isaac, ln: Preston)
    --ds: Oliver Louis
    --ds: Carter Brennan Josh (dw: Frances Imogen)
    --ds: Barley Cooper

    dd2: Amelie Nina (dh: Andrew Marcel, ln: Harkins)

    ds3: Timothy Joseph (dw: Saryna Ingrid)
    --dd: Jenna Iris
    --ds: Troy Jasper

    dd3: Philippa Snow
    --ds: Anders Jake

    ds4: Ryan James Duncan (dw: Lillian Amelie)
    --dd: Bellia Anne

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    Feb 2013
    Ln: McKinnon

    dw: Brooke Anne
    dh: Robert John

    ds1: David John McKnnon (dw: Paige Alexandra)
    --ds: David John McKinnon
    --ds: Declan Matthew McKinnon
    --ds: Mary Sarah McKInnon
    --ds: Madeleine Rose McKinnon

    Dave, Paige, David, Declan, Mary, and Maddie McKinnon

    dd1: Jillian Penelope (dh: Jason Michael, ln: Darbus)
    --ds: James Leo Darbus
    --dd: Daphne Elizabeth Darbus

    Jillie, Jason, Jamie, and Daphne Darbus

    ds2: Robert James McKinnon (dw: Rose Emily)
    --ds: Ryan Marcus McKinnon (dw: Tess Adelaide)
    --dd/dd: Katherine Emily McKInnon & Hadley Ellen McKinnon
    --ds: Jacob Daniel McKInnon
    --ds: Kyle Jeffrey McKinnon
    --dd: Eleanor Hailey Anne McKinnon (dh: Derick Lucas, ln: Paulson )
    --ds: Owen Leonard McKinnon
    --ds: Caleb Benjamin Jackson McKinnon(dw: Flora Leia)
    --ds: Brian Carl McKinnon

    Robby, Rosie, Ryan, Katherine, Hadley, Jake, Kyle, Ellie, Owen, Caleb, and Brian

    dd2: Anna Nina (dh: Anthony Mason, ln: Henry)

    Anna and Anthony

    ds3: Thomas Jack McKinnon (dw: Sophie Lily)
    --dd: Jennifer Leila McKinnon
    --ds: Timothy Jordan McKInnon

    Thomas, Sophie, Jennie, and Tim

    dd3: Primrose Sadie
    --ds: Aaron Jay
    Prim and Aaron

    ds4: Ross Jesse Dexter (dw: Layla Annie)
    --dd: Brooke

    Ross, Layla, and Brooke

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