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    Maternal Family Initial Game

    Here's my maternal family tree. Feel free to fill in the initials!

    LN: S

    DW: DM (nee W)
    DH: MT

    DD1: PE
    --DS: CM
    --DS: JE
    --DS: JK (DW: NS)
    --DD: AT
    --DD: SR
    DD2: MT
    --DS: JD
    --DD: AN
    --DS: MJ
    --DS: KJ
    DS1: KW (DW: SA)
    --DD: ME
    --DD: AL
    --DD: AE
    --DS: JC
    DD3: SL (DH: TJ, LN: M)
    --DD: JL
    --DS: TJ
    DD4: BJ
    DD5: DA
    --DS: CN
    --DS: KB
    Expecting #1 November 2015.
    It's a boy! Baby E.C.M.B.

    Potential future siblings:
    Roland York or Shepard Jack
    Ailis Matilda or Bonnie Louise

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