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Thread: To honor Tim

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    Quote Originally Posted by augusta_lee View Post
    Mandolin is silly.
    OP asked for people not to criticize Mandolin. She's not looking for any input on Mandolin at all.
    I don't find it silly in the slightest.
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    Also, have you considered Timothea? Thea and Timo are both lovely nicknames.
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    Timea is lovely. There is also the spelling Timaea which was the name of a queen of Sparta.

    I'll throw in two other ancient names, Timandra and Timocleia.
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    yet we have the right to say whatever we like.

    i read her post on why she is doing it - great reasons, honoring her mother, but as a first name its in the category of 'why do that to your kid?' could easily just as honor as a middle without the hassle of explaining her name every time she meets someone for the rest of her life.

    plus with most of these Tim names i think for flow they sound better as a first anyway.

    Timea is okay but love Thea, im a believer in honor names not having to be so literal, its the meaning behind it. plus sometimes just tacking on the same name or a name the person liked seems lazy and a cop out.

    Thea Mandolin
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    Why not Timothea Mandolin? NN Thea.. I think it's super cute.
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