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Thread: To honor Tim

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    To honor Tim

    My husband's uncle suddenly passed away yesterday. I need a feminine name to honor "Tim." The other name we have for our daughter, who is due in Dec., is Mandolin: to honor my terminally-ill mother. The only thing I've seen so far is Timea (ti-May-ah?). I would like some other suggestions if anyone has any. We are of Irish-decent so bonus points for Irish/Celtic/Welsh origins, but definitely not limited to that.

    e.g. Mandolin Timea or Timea Mandolin ..etc

    Thanks in advance.

    p.s. Please don't criticize the name Mandolin. I know it's unpopular on here, but we're using it. Thanks again.
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    Is Tim short of Timothy or any other name or just Tim ??

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    Timony? A surname with a somewhat feminine feel to it cause of Mary Timony & the similar sound to Tiffany. Timor or Fatima might work. You might be able to find a list of legit girl names with the -tima ending, I'm sure more exist but I can't think of any off hand.

    Would using the -thy sound out the end be too remote? Maybe Thea?

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    I like the Timmea spelling as well and I much prefer Timea Mandolin to Mandolin Timea. The only other tim related name I can think of is Fatima, which I actually really like. Fatima Mandolin has a very similar feel to Timea Mandolin. If you went with just the sound of Tim somewhere in the name, there's also Artemis/Artemisia and Temperance, but I think these a much more of a stretch than Timea or Fatima.
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    This one is tough, and my condolences. I don't 'think i'll be much help, but Temperance comes to well as Timber or Timberly

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