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    Fantasy boys names

    Help me make boy name combos that are bit fantasy. I love fantasy.

    Here's my list:
    Ferris, Redmond, Raphael, Orion, Caspian, Aramis, Lucian, Storm, Percival, Gawain, Perseus, Cormac, Leon, Patrick, Robert, Morgan, Brandon, Sven, Roland, Ronan, Edmund, Adam, Edric, Martin, Odin, Bayard, Laurent, Faramond, Finn, Edward, Tristan, Emil, Zephyr, Soren, Arthur, Robin, Marcel, Roman, Beowulf, Seth

    These are my favorites

    Tristan, Arthur, Edmund, Percival, Ronan, Thor, Leon, Roman, Adam, Ferris, Zephyr, Gawain, Perseus, Cormac...

    I would prefer that each combo has unusual name, but that's not necessary. (but I would love it!)
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    Tristan Quintus
    Arthur Epicurus
    Edmund Meriadoc
    Percival Reliquary
    Ronan Galahad
    Thor Zoroaster
    Leon Xanthias
    Roman Eindride
    Adam Leodegrance
    Ferris Ophion
    Zephyr Charlemagne
    Gawain Lovejoy
    Perseus Gwydion
    Cormac Romulus

    Odin Kazimir
    Faramond Loxias
    Beowulf Hafgan
    My darling Marian Illyria Aphrodite, March 2013 & Little Bunny (a girl!) due 9th of February 2014

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    I love fantasy as well, who doesn't love it?
    I added new middle names, do you mind? That's basically because a lot of your names have the same amount of syllables thus they don't sound whimsical enough.
    Adam Valentine
    Perseus Wolfram
    Edmund Peregrine
    Ronan Bedivere
    Thor Augustus
    Ferris Zephaniah
    Zephyr Barnabas
    Percival Archimedes
    Cormac Spartacus
    Gawain Cleon

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    I like Ronan Galahad and Edmund Peregrine. I would prefer if berries choose names from my own list, but this is also OK.

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