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Thread: Opinions!?

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    I think I have (finally) come to a decision on my favorites for my baby names list. I have picked two girl and two boy names that I love. All of the names have some sort of family ties. I would like some input and opinions on the names. Do they all compliment each other? Which are your favorite/least favorite and why? Thanks!

    Lena Josephine
    Alma Louise

    Lowell Henry
    Anton Lawrence

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    I think they are lovely and the do complement each other very well.

    I like Lena and Anton as my favorites (but fair warning Lena has numerous pronunciations - Leh-na or Lee-na or Lay-na... may threads have addressed this issue)

    Lowell is nice, it just isn't my cup of tea.
    I've never heard the name Alma before.

    That's it but they are lovely names

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    I really like them all except Lowell Henry. I'd prefer Henry Lowell. I think they all sound nice together. If I had to choose one of each, I think I'd choose Alma Josephine and Anton Lawrence.
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    I like Alma & Anton best.
    I think Henry Lowell sounds better too.
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    Love Alma. Alma Louise and Alma Josephine would be great. I like Lena too (I think most ppl would say lee-na), although Lena Josephine slightly less as a combo.

    Anton Lawrence is great. I agree with pp's about Henry Lowell being better than Lowell Henry. Or maybe Harvey Lowell?

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