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  • Amyrlin

    2 2.63%
  • Brinleigh

    5 6.58%
  • Celeste

    35 46.05%
  • Scarlett

    33 43.42%
  • Atlee

    2 2.63%
  • Arie

    1 1.32%
  • Aria

    30 39.47%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Lightbulb Baby girl names... Take 2....Comments, ideas, and votes WELCOME!!!

    I posted a previous thread with a list of names. I was amused by the responses, so I thought I would give it another go. I have changed some of the spellings, added some names, and have a few test names out there. My husband and I already have a son (Camden), so keep that name in mind when thinking about these names. While none of the names are "made up" (as suggested by some) I know someone, or have heard of someone, by each of the names (one of which is a family member). I have a very unusual name (not to be given as it is easily Googled), and I have received nothing but compliments on my name my entire life (that is...after I "teach" everyone how to pronounce it). That being said, I am definitely leaning toward the more unique names. I know, from my own name experience, that hearing the name, verses seeing the name, can make a difference; it is good to get others' opinions on the written form. I will try to post when my husband and I decide on a name. Your input is much appreciated!

    On another note: we are pretty set on Noel as a middle name since she is going to be a Christmas baby, and it is a lovely name. However, I am not convinced that I want it as a first name, but it is an option, albeit, not a likely one.


    Name options:
    1. Amyrlin (alternative spelling: Amerlin, Amerlyn, Amerlynn), there is not emphasis on the LYNN sound.
    2. Brinleigh (alternative spelling: Brinley, Brynlee)
    3. Celeste
    4. Scarlett
    5. Atlee (alternative spelling: Atleigh)
    6. Arie (alternative spelling: Arrie)
    7. Aria

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    I voted for Celeste Noel - such a stunning, beautiful combination!
    Anastasia Pearl, Caroline Audrey, Catherine Maeve,
    Claire Josephine, Elizabeth Jane, Grace Charlotte, Rose Genevieve

    Benjamin Clark, Evan Joseph, Jack Ronan,
    James Frederick, Liam David, Luke Alexander, Patrick Elliot

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    I voted for Scarlett Noel and Aria Noel. ((Noel is my mn too...nice choice! ;D)

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    Celeste. classic and not too popular...

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    Scarlett would be my pick. Most of these names are just not my style. Celeste would be my second pick. I would encourage making the middle name Noelle. It looks more feminine. Scarlett Noelle or Celeste Noelle would be beautiful!

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