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    You don't think John Henry flows well? Really? That's one of the most common John combinations I've come across. Honestly, I think just about anything sounds good with John. From the previous suggestions, I really like John Emmett, John Arthur, John Wyatt, John Aaron, John Harvey, and John Rhys.
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    Ok I love John Henry..never heard of it used in my life before though! It's my husband's middle names. To answer Eleanor, we would be callng him by both names all the time..not one or the other. So would be John Henry or John Luke or whatever.
    LOVE John Everett. Never thought of that. Sounds awesome. I think I like the John followed by a vowel name best which is maybe why John Henry seems more awkward to me than say John Archie or John Alec, etc. I think leaning toward John Henry though due to the family significance to my husband but also love John Everett for something my husband had mentioned Everett as a name he liked.
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    While I like John Henry. I much prefer John Luke. But My favorite is John David.
    I also think Joe Nathan is lovely as a first name.

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    I like John Henry, but when I hear it I sing the Disney "John Henry" song from the folk tale in my head. (I'm sure you could find it on YouTube if you had any interest). However, Disney has basically abandoned all of their old cartoons, so I doubt that memory will linger in our culture much longer.

    I also like John Michael and John Kelly.

    Good luck!

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    I'm going to youtube it! Never heard of it!
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