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    Glorious Gwenllian

    Next one up is Gwenllian. Come on in and work your magic!

    Gwenllian is mountains and flooding water. I see her as a fierce huntress, a warrior, someone sharp and alert, almost wolf-like (my wolf dream is coming in here). She definitely embodies the spirit of the wolf; loving, protective, wild, free and beautiful. She’s running through forests and creeks, swimming in rivers, embraces the rain like a dear friend. Purple and white heather, rabbits, owls, trees. Running... climbing trees and mountainwalls, wild and free. As a child I picture her as an animal friend, someone who wants to save every fly that comes into the house, and I imagine a garden reminiscent of a graveyard with everything from butterflies to moles buried there. She'd rather play in a treehouse than with a dollhouse. A pathfinder, someone who's handy with a knife and a rope, unafraid of messy hair and dirty socks.

    I'm not too concerned with "normal" middles for Gwenllian, because of the Gwen part.

    I'm considering these names for the middle spot:

    So far combos under consideration are:
    Gwenllian Atalanta Elaine
    Gwenllian Psyche Eilonwy
    Gwenllian Circe Eilonwy

    Sights and Sounds:
    One - Two - Three - Four - Five -Six
    I think of Kate Bush with Gwenllian. Hounds of Love and Cloudbusting.

    (These feelings I get and images I posted are just how I see the name, I'm not expecting my daughter to magically turn out like this if I name her Gwenllian )
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    :O that was an amazing description that won me over to a name I've never heard and don't particularly like the sound of
    I like Atalanta! I'd never heard that either. Although with that combo Elaine seems a little... mundane?
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    This is weird. I've never comboed a name so similar to my own before. Also, your imagery describes me almost perfectly. Love that you included that shot from Secret of Moonacre-- such a pretty movie, and I love bunnies. People around campus last year called me either "Snow White" or "the Bunny Whisperer" because I semi-tamed the bunnies who lived outside the dorms. I may have to steal that one and use it as an avatar...


    Gwenllian Cassandra Circe
    Gwenllian Oenone Elaine
    Gwenllian Eilonwy Elaine
    Gwenllian Merida Yvaine
    Gwenllian Psyche Atalanta
    Gwenllian Ophelia Psyche
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    I remember you mentioned Proserpina as a potential name in one of your earlier threads. I like the sound of Gwenllian Proserpina Elaine and Gwenllian Proserpina Cyrene.

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    Gwenllian Merida Cyrene wins for me.

    I really like Cyrene! Writing it down!
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