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View Poll Results: Is Cassia too close to Kasia for cousins?

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    Too close for cousins?

    Is Cassia (pronounced CASS-ee-uh) too close to Kasia (pronounced KA-sha)? It seems from searching the internet that people use both pronunciations for both names.

    If we went with Cassia, we would of course ask our family if it is too close to their Kasia.

    Honest opinions wanted on both the name Cassia and the pronunciation issue!


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    Only if they'll be close in age and raised to know each other well. I'd pronounce both names the same--it could get confusing.

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    Sorry should have clarified that they will be ten years apart and raised closely. Thanks for your reply.

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    Too close for siblings yes, cousins no.
    Though the names look similar the pronunciations are far enough apart for me. It's not like they will be cousins with the exact same name
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    I think it's too close. Even if the names are pronounced differently, they're spelled quite similarly. Personally, I'd pronounce both of them as cass-ee-uh at first glance.

    If I were you, I'd be looking for a different name. I wouldn't want to have a baby and announce it's name only for people's reaction to be: "Oh. Like her cousin." To use a personal example, my niece is named Alexa. So, for us, names like Alexandra, Alexander, Alexis, etc, are all off the table. There are millions of other names out there. Try to find something else.
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