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    Middle names for Cordelia and Isadora

    I love Cordelia and Isadora but not together so could you guys suggest some middle names that would work! I like unique and older names but I'm open to it all. Thanks so much

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    You might want to consider postig this somewhere else. You'll probably get more views that way, since this doesn't really appear to be a game. How about in the girl names forum?
    I am a 16 year old girl who has always loved names. I write for fun.

    These are my character names.
    The girls: Blue, Belinda, Daisy, Jolie, Talia, Valentine, Athena, Molly, Lana, Giselle, Rosy, Elise, Bella, Crystal, Lilly, Ryleigh

    The boys: Martin, King, Max, Eric, Blake, Ellery, Ron, Damian, Ziggy, Royal, David, Freddy, Danny, Craig, Grey,

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    My name is Cordelia Lavender. I have to other sisters, and we all have flower middle names.

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