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    @Giinkies - If you want to name your future child Rapunzel, then go ahead.

    The previous thread was asking for people's opinions on the name and that's what we gave. The majority of people think Rapunzel is far too closely linked to the fairytale and is, basically, a silly name.

    Defend the name as much as you want, say it's no different from naming your child Juliet or Ophelia, but that's not going to change people's minds. Saying lots of names are linked to depressing stories isn't going to make me say: "Oh my goodness, you're right! Now I will go ahead and name my baby Rapunzel after all because you've shown me it's no different from any other name!"

    By the way, I've heard of the name Merida before the movie. I've never even seen the movie, but I know a woman named Merida, so please don't make assumptions.
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