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    Quote Originally Posted by rainbow101 View Post
    Lauren Danielle is my name XD HAHAHA! But I totally get you! My son is Magnus James (because I do love the classics too and its a family name) but the rarity of Magnus is what I love most about it
    All the Lauren's I know are Lauren Marie, Lauren Louise, Lauren Elizabeth and Lauren Olivia, and, even though I'm not a Lauren or Danielle fan, I love your name! They fit together so nicely! Magnus isn't my style, but I do like how unique and different it is x

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    Quote Originally Posted by amydomsmom View Post
    The only ones I see there being possible issue with are:
    Ambrosia (Used to describe foods that heighten sex drive; it's a bit of a "stripper" name here)
    Asteria (Shares the same unfortunate syllable emphasis that Aster or Astrid have to deal with)
    Clementine (She'll hear "oh my darlin'..." song, but that's not as bad a negative as it could be)
    Dulcie (Unfortunately the "dull" sound is so prevalent...)
    Eugenie (I just forsee spelling/pronunciation issues)
    Edeline (Evelyn? Madeline? Emmaline? I see it getting lost in the confusion)
    Fallon (Depends if Jimmy Fallon is most people's first thought where you live)
    Honor (This is the only one I would absolutely advise against. I just don't get this name. "I've been Honor, have you been on her?)
    Isolde (With certain accents it sounds like "is old" but I still love this name)
    Martha (a bit dated and you might get a lot of Martha Stewart jokes)
    Nerissa (As little kids, their first reference to this will probably be Draco Malfoy's mother)
    Nellie (The Little House issue was already mentioned, also "Whoa Nelly" is a common phrase for some people lol)
    Nancy (The term "Negative Nancy" comes to mind; Also a "nancy boy" is a derogatory phrase used on the playground)
    Ophelia (The "feel" sound stands out, or "I feel ya" might be unpleasant; the character is quite a bit tragic to live with)
    Tatiana (She should be fine until high school, but I've seen the "tit" teasing aspect of this name discussed before)

    But the rest are all totally awesome and perfectly usable in my opinion! =]
    the tit reason is why I vetoed Titania. Gorgeous name in Shakespearean times, but any girl now with that....good luck! (LOL sounds like Good Luck Charlie there). I do agree that the Ophelia character is a bit of a let down with that name though :/

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