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    I have a Leo. It's an old fashioned name ( I saw someone said it's trendy and's not in the top 100 so I'd disagree. It's popular on here, doesn't mean it is in general public.) As I get to know my little man more I love his name more and more everyday! My second fav ending in O name is Hugo :-)

    I like Finn, but where I live every little boy has this name.
    *Magnolia Alice /Evangeline Wildflower/ Evangeline Luna Blue / Anouk Evangeline / Coralie Willow/ Adelaide Clover / Adelaide Sofie Grey/Genevieve/Guinevere Luna Neve / Georgiana Ismay Pearl / Eugenie Marigold/ Ondine Atalune Fleur/ Liliana Amoret / Cordelia Olive/ Beatrix Wildflower/ *

    *Osias Jude/Augustin /Thatcher/ Ignatius /Hawthorne/ Benedict
    Atlas Peregrine/ Asher Thiago Wolf /Hugo Caspian Sage/Beau/ August/ Maximus Odin*

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    Milo and Finn are the 2 I like.

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