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    Your Hippie Child's Name! (Nephele's Anagrams)

    If you would like to know the name of your imaginary hippie child, here's what you need to do:

    1. Give me your favorite girl's name and/or boy's name -- one that you would choose for a child of your own. Just the first name -- no middle names, please!

    2. Give me the title of your favorite hippie song. (If you need help remembering a hippie song from the '60s, just Google "hippie songs" and you'll be sure to find plenty of lists.)

    Then I will anagram what you give me to reveal the name of your imaginary hippie child.

    And don't forget to get a hippie name for yourself! (Click link below)

    -- Nephele

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    I guess I'll start this off by hippifying Linda and Pam. I don't know what their favorite hippie songs might be, so I just picked a couple at random.

    Ladies, these names can be either for your imaginary hippie children, or for yourselves.

    Raini Francellia Diamond
    = Linda + "California Dreamin'"

    Luna Starla Artemis Peace
    = Pamela + "Alice's Restaurant"

    -- Nephele

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    Thought I'd try this.

    Name - Henry
    Song - Somebody to Love
    Inara, Blue, Heaven, Matilda, Ellery, Meadow,
    Isabeau, Willow, Prudence, Eleanor, October, Breena,
    Clementine, Lily, Makiya, Ariel, Molly, Daphne, Piper,
    Adelaide, Nathalie, Jade, Thea, Naimh, Jenny-Rebecca

    Henry, Timothy, Abel, Theodore, Atticus, Jack, Jasper,
    Wilhelm, Gus, Tobias, Finn, Reid, Elliot, Michael, Juston, Jethro,
    Donovan, Abraham, Gale, Sebastian, Knox, Sam, Luke, Maxton, Connor

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    harleym, your hippie son is named:

    Hondo Levee Stormyboy
    = Henry + Somebody to Love

    It's up to you to describe what you think this child's personality is like, his zodiac sign, etc.

    Heheh, I actually have a preference for doing hippie girl names. So, if you want to try for a hippie daughter, just give me your favorite girl's name.

    -- Nephele

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    - Abel
    - Kumbaya
    Mom to two precious boys (Silas & Obadiah) and expecting another.

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