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    Long versions of Emma

    What are some names that can have the NN Emma? We both love it, but would prefer to not use it as the full name.

    DH vetoed Emmaline (boo!) and we are considering Emily. Are there others we aren't thinking of?

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    Emilia is my favorite. If you don't like that, what about Emery? I also like Ember, like the previous poster listed.

    How are you pronouncing Emmaline? It can be pronounced Emma-leen or Emma-line. I wonder if your husband would like a different pronunciation or maybe even Emmalyn (pronounced like Evelyn, but with the Emma).

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    I've tried all pronunciations of Emmaline with him :/ My favorite pronunciation is Emma-Line and I love Emmalyn (ESP since I have a huge name crush on Evelyn!) I'm still going to try and do some convincing I also really like Emilia!

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    I like all the ones the previous posters have said. How about:
    Emmaleia or Emmalia (Emma-Leah)
    Emmalina (Emma-leen-uh)
    Emmaliese- (Emma-leese, like Annaliese)
    Emmarie/Emree/ Emry/Emery
    Emberlee /Emberle/Emberly
    Emeliana/Emiliana (I think its pronounced Em-MEEL-ee-on-uh, like Amelia)
    Emelyn (Emme-lyn)
    Emeria (Em-Mer-ee-uh, I think)
    Emiri (em-MEER-ee)
    Sorry for repeats! These were the good Emma names I could find. I hope that helped
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