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Thread: Braham

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    Quote Originally Posted by bibliophile View Post
    I like the name Bram a lot actually, but I'm not a huge fan of the Braham spelling; it looks like a misspelling of Graham, or perhaps a nickname or misspelling of Abraham, of which it's one letter off. Due to the proximity to Abraham, some people might pronounce it brah-ham. Brahm is pronounced with a long "ah" sound, like Brahms the composer.
    My intention was not to infer that I was pronouncing Braham and Brahm the same. I was just mentioning the other alternate spelling I was thinking of.

    You have a very good point about Abraham. I didn't realize that Braham was Abraham minus the A-. Not that I see that as a problem really, I adore Abraham. It's one of my favorite boy's names.

    Thank you!
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    Well, I think I'd instinctively say "Brahms...wait, Brah...oh, I'm not sure. How do you pronounce this?" Even thought it's Graham with a B, I still wouldn't say Bray-ham. I don't like it. Sounds like a smush. I prefer Bram...or even Brahms.
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    Quote Originally Posted by southern.maple View Post
    I want to say "bray-um." It would assume it was a surname, not a respelling of Bram.
    After a minimum amount of research I found Braham is a surname so you wouldn't be off the mark at all. I can see the "bray-um" issue as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thejollyfinch View Post
    I can definitely see Braham being pronounce the same as Brahm. I think I may even prefer it being pronounced that way, honestly

    As for the suggestion of the Bram spelling it looks incomplete to me. I can't seem to get past that.

    Also, the porcine lingerie was a bit of a joke because of the spelling Braham being composed of the words 'bra' and 'ham'.
    LOL! I knew there was something really obvious I was missing (hence the google search), but apparently even the most intensive google search can't make up for common sense.

    If you prefer the "ah" prn, I would be 100% behind either spelling -- Braham or Brahm, since I would pronounce them the same way. And as I mentioned before, I really love these names!! It's a wonder to me they haven't been discovered yet.

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    Graham and Bram already rhyme, why would you need this unnecessary spelling?

    I totally understand Bram looking incomplete, it's very short and abrupt (but I love it!), but if that's what really bothers you, I'd suggest going with Abram or Abraham NN Bram and not unnecessarily complicating the spelling of what should be a very straightforward name to pronounce and spell.
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