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Thread: BFFs

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    Talking BFFs

    I writing a book about some girls in junior high that have been BFFs since kindergarden. I need names! Here's some stuff I'd like you to know:

    1. One of them is the sporty tomboy, and the other is a girly girl.
    2. I really do not like classic frilly names, so stay away from the "Margret" and "Jessica" junk.
    3. For the girly girl, she's a true beauty with shoulder-length wavy blonde hair, brown eyes, and freckles.
    4. For the tomboy, she's sporty and cute with curly red hair always up in a ponytail and green eyes. For her I'd love a name like "Emmy" for emerald or "Jade" to match her bright green eyes.
    5. That's all for now! Thanks in advance!

    P.S. I'm also looking for a mean girl, a tomboy's younger and girly sister, and a girly girl's older teen brother.

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    For the "tomboy", sounds like you want a name that means or is related to green. Jade works well, I think. There's also Beryl, Chloe, Fern, and Laverne.

    For the other: May/Mae, Sage, Essie, Ava, Lacey, Lucille, June, Romy, Livia nn Liv, Faye, Elsa, Anna, Nathalie, Avril, Raine, Rosemary, Summer, Laine/Lainey.
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    Well, I very much doubt their parents knew anything about their personalities whilst naming them. Try picking an ordinary name - especially for the tomboy - and then trying to go with a spunky nickname. That makes it more realistic. Jade actually works pretty well.

    Ideas not related to green -

    Caroline nn Caro/Carly
    Olivia nn Liv
    Cathryn nn Cat

    For green names, I like Orna, and also Chloe and Fern from pp's suggestions. Would Leaf be too weird?

    The girly girl -

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    Rebekah - nn Red

    Girly girl;
    Tatiana - nn Tia
    Jocelyn - nn JoJo

    Mean girl names;
    Catriona nn Cat

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