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    So apparantly I've got a couple girls names in my list.... hahaha!

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    Sixten, Sixten! Oh my goodness, you have no idea just how happy I was to see it on your list. It's such a beautiful name and how cute would Lupin and Sixten be? Lovas is also an excellent name (though it does remind me of Lovis from Ronia the Robber's Daughter). Caspian is a decent name, but it would get very literate with a Lupin (Harry Potter) and a Caspian (The Chronicles of Narnia).

    I also really like:

    As for Link, you could go for a Lin-/-lin name? As in Balin, Colin, Linley, Linton, Marlin or Merlin, for instance. That expands your options and since you have a surname starting with a K, I'm sure that could work out if you're really passionate about Link.
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    How about Gilles, Lance or Layton?

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    Haha, trying not to go too literate would be difficult with Balin, as it is a dwarf in The Hobbit! I like the idea of taking 'Lin-' and adding something on the end. It would be a family name as my middle name is 'Ashlynne'. Thanks!

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    thanks! Gilles is a great suggestion,... though my bf doesn't like it because he thinks it sounds too Dutch... :-/

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