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    Noah vs Dexter vs Henry

    Noah, Dexter or Henry.

    Which one do you prefer and why??

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    Aug 2013
    Oh or Leo!

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    Noah is my favourite boy's name so Noah. I find it adorable, it's just a name I fell in love with. Henry has special meaning to me though after my grandfather.
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    You can't go wrong with any of these! I prefer Henry. I think it is so warm and classic.

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    1. Henry - by far my favourite. Classic but not stuffy, familiar but with a range of nicknames to give it flexibility, masculine but not try-hard.

    2. Dexter - I'm not big on occupational names but of them Dexter is one of my favourites.

    3. Leo - Don't really care for Leo but it's a classic. Do prefer Leon/Leonardo or other lion-related names like Lev or Ari.

    4. Noah - Not a fan, and I LOVE Biblical names. I do like Noa for a girl, but Noah does nothing for me. Both are the "of the moment" Biblical names and feel trendy and likely to date to a decade. (Yes, all Biblical names are old, but their popularity cycles...David had its time in the '50s, Jared had its time in the '80s... Noah is having its time right now) They don't have long-term consistent popularity. And it probably doesn't help that all the Noahs I've known (and I've known a bunch) have been jerks.

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