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    Sep 2013
    DD: Rose Imogen
    DD: Scarlett Matilda
    DS: Elijah Rhett
    DS: Sebastian Walter
    DD: Iris Eloise
    DS: Nathaniel Holden

    "Rosie, Scout, Elijah, Bastian, Iris & Nate"

    - Sara Viviene -
    Girls: Helena Ruby ~ Caroline Daphne ~ Violet Isabel ~ Rose Adeline ~ Bonnie Imogen ~ Ariana Fleur ~ Lydia Sage ~ Katherine Grace ~ Iris Emmeline ~ Olive Evangeline

    Boys: Gabriel Jensen ~ Frederick Anthony ~ Elijah Dominic ~ Weston Oliver ~ Tristan Pierce ~ Sebastian Henry~ Samuel Avery ~ Ezra Matthew ~ Damon Alistair ~ Schuyler Marcus

    GP: Calvert ~ Cassius ~ Niklaus ~ Harper ~ Misha ~ ~ Petrova ~ Ophelia ~ Sailor ~ Isolde ~ Story

    “We all live with the objective of being happy; our lives are all different and yet the same” ~ Anne Frank

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    A-2 B-1 C-1 D-2 E-0 (I'm picking from A and D since they tied. One from each for each child.) 10 kids:

    B: Chase Thomas
    B: Noah Jared
    B: Elliott Hunter
    G: Paige Olivia
    G: Samantha Peyton "Sam"
    B: Jacob Kasen "Jake"
    G: Emily Brooke
    G: Molly Regan
    B: Joshua Mason "Josh"
    G: Kinley Grace
    Sports obsessed, book lover, name lover, & collector. Teenberry. Current favorites:

    Boys: Elliott, Jonah, Keegan, Miles, & Parker.
    Girls: Emilia, Felicity, Maya, Olivia, & Ruby.

    Currently reading: Code Name Verity- Elizabeth Wein

    Please vote on my name list: Here!
    (You may have to refresh the page if the 'error private list' message shows up.)

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    I rolled twice for ages also!

    3 - Liam Bennett "Ben"
    8 - Maddox Easton "Max"
    10 - Raymond Rory "Ray"
    2 - August Richard "Gus"
    11 - Oliver George
    9 - Eleanor Elizabeth "Ellie"
    11 - Juno Clementine
    2 - Lorelei Margo
    8 - Allegra Crimson
    6 - Charlotte Grace
    10 - Mattilyn Charlie "Matti"
    12 - Benjamin Owen "Ben"
    7 - Abigail Olivia "Abi"

    DS1 - Benjamin Owen Lancaster "Ben" (12)
    DS2/DD1 - Oliver George Lancaster/ Juno Clementine Lancaster (11)
    DS3/DD2 - Raymond Rory Lancaster "Ray"/Mattilyn Charlie Lancaster "Matti" (10)
    DD3 - Eleanor Elizabeth Lancaster "Ellie" (9)
    DS4/DD4 - Maddox Easton Lancaster "Max"/ Allegra Crimson Lancaster (8)
    DD5 - Abigail Olivia Lancaster "Abi" (7)
    DD6 - Charlotte Grace Lancaster (6)
    DS5 - Liam Bennett (3)
    DS6/DD7 - August Richard Lancaster "Gus"/ Lorelei Margo (2)

    [FONT=Book Antiqua]The Lancaster Family
    Elizabeth(40) & Theo(42)
    Ben(12), Oliver(11), Juno(11), Ray(10), Matti(10), Ellie(9), Max(8), Allegra(8), Abi(7), Charlotte(6), Liam(3), Gus(2), [COLOR="#ff0066"][COLOR="#0000FF"][COLOR=""]Lorelei

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    May 2012
    1) Your dream home would be...
    B - a stately old house, yet cozy and comforting

    2) A project you'd like to do is...
    B - research your family history

    3) Your dream vacation would involve...
    C - a journey to a country you've never visited, with room for spontaneity

    4) You hope your kids will be...
    C - curious and creative

    5) Your best subject in school was...
    B - History or Literature

    6) As a parent, you're good at...
    C - inventing bedtime stories and creative projects

    6 kids - G/G/G/G/B/B

    Girl #1 ~ Name from Namebank B: Rosalie Cora
    Girl #2 ~ Name from Namebank B: Hester Maisie
    Girl #3 ~ Name from Namebank C: Aurelia Domino
    Girl #4 ~ Name from Namebank C: Evelina Harmony
    Boy #1 ~ Name from Namebank B: Tobias Maxwell
    Boy #2 ~ Name from Namebank C: Jasper Cyrus
    Vote for your favourites!!

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    1. my dream house would be…
    C) decorated in an interesting way.

    2. a project I’d like to do is…
    C) learn a new language (Italian)

    3. my dream vacation would involve…
    C) a journey to a country I’ve never visited, with room for spontaneity!

    4. I hope my kids will be…(ideally, all of the options, haha!)
    B) respectful, well-mannered, and well-educated.

    5. my best subject in school was…
    B) Literature

    6. as a parent, I’d be good at…
    B) passing down traditions while encouraging individuality.

    DS: Julius Goodwin Wilder
    DD: Azalea Zora Jane
    DD: Evelina Crimson LeoraEvie
    DD: Rose Willamina Margot
    Julius, Azalea, Evie, & Rose

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